On Demand HRM

Find out how On Demand paltforms help organizations improve human resources management


HRM is the acronym for Human Resources Management. This term is commonly used internationally, to indicate the various processes involved in the management of people inside organizations. In a nutshell, HRM means hiring people, organizing and compensating their work according to the objectives sought by the organization.

Human resources management includes a large number of processes that are usually carried out by HR management staff but can also be run by other business units and directly by line-managers. Some examples are:

  • Recruitment
  • Skills assessment
  • Training and Development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Time management
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Etc..

When these processes are managed and integrated properly, usually through the use of appropriate IT tools, companies can derive significant economic and organizational benefits.

On demand

On Demand Software platforms (or Software as a Service or Cloud Computing) are software solutions provided over the Internet, as opposed to software installed on a physical computer.

The advantages of delivering software platforms this way are:

  • Installation is easier and faster
  • There is no maintenance involved
  • Security is tighter and availability is higher
  • There is a significant reduction in costs

Let's see why. 

Installation is easier and faster

An On Demand platform is available immediately from any computer connected to the Internet. Any customizations required by the organization are made using the single platform that provides the means to make the changes required without creating ad hoc implementations.

There is no maintenance involved

Organizations using on Demand platforms do not need to worry about hardware or software maintenance as this is exclusively the vendors responsibility. Altamira engineers work constantly to improve the platform, monitor its performance and correct any defects. Upgrades and patches are made available to end users transparently.

Security and availability is much tighter

The security standards in operation in a typical software as a service vendor are very high, both from a physical point of view and a software point of view. For example, Altamira’s servers reside in a building in a military grade server farm (British Telecom), service level agreements with our hardware vendors in case of physical breakdown of a component are all 24/7 with a 4hr parts replacement policy, data is backed up every 60 minutes and so on. On top of this, an on-demand platform allows HR departments to set access permissions that prevent internal IT staff and management access to information they have not been allowed.

There is a significant reduction in costs

The combination easy installation, zero maintenance, tight security and high availability make on demand platforms cheaper than traditionally installed software products. On demand platforms allow you to pay what you use when you use it, increasing or decreasing the levels of use, depending on your business needs.
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