The Altamira HRM application platform is a cloud based platform that delivers ease of use, time savings and is straight forward to setup and customize

Altamira HRM is a mature and sophisticated platform that offers exceptional levels of customization and ease of use. Forget complex and expensive HRM applications delivered by in house developers or traditional enterprise software vendors that involve hundreds or thousands of man hours. Get started quickly using our cloud based platform that delivers immediate results with minimal setup times. Ensure high levels of adoption with Altamira HRM’s easy to use interface and powerful time saving features.

Altamira Web Framework

At Altamira we have been developing HRM web based applications for over ten years. We have developed a complete framework to support our HRM applications and have reaped several benefits form this:

  • our applications make use of a large library of shared code making them stable and bug free
  • we custom develop our user interface components allowing us to produce some of the industry’s best user interfaces
  • we get a consistent usage experience across all of our applications ensuring that users can use new features without training

Altamira Application Designer

A shared all, cloud based provider must allow customers the capability of making extensive customizations. We have engineered a rich application customization environment that will allow users to:

  • create fields dynamically easily extending the default datasets we supply with the platform
  • design forms with an intuitive drag and drop designer that will allow non technical users to create new forms in minutes
  • create workflows that allow you to design the flow of the application

All of our customers run the same application code minimizing the complexity of the installed base we have to manage and ensuring we deliver a stable product. Patches and new releases are delivered immediately to all of our customers with no user intervention and no downtime.
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