Altamira HRM is supported by a rock solid infrastructure designed to offer enterprise class availability, scalability and security

Altamira has been developing the infrastructure supporting it’s HRM platform for over ten years and the expertise we have gained allows us to offer enterprise class availability, scalability and security


We have custom designed our datacenter and have built redundancy into every level of the infrastructure. There is no single point of failure that can compromise the availability of the platform. Our proven track record of availability is guaranteed by:

  • redundant firewalling and switching environments ensure the network is always available and resistant to the failure of a single switch
  • multiple clusters of load balanced front end application web servers
  • multiple clusters of database servers
  • redundant and separate power supplies, cooling and backbone access
  • 24/7 support agreements with all major infrastructure vendors
  • Physically located in a near military grade datacenter


Our infrastructure design philosophy is based on the principle of scaling out, not scaling up. All of our servers, storage arrays and networking units are standard industry products. This means we can quickly and easily add capacity to our data center when the need arises whether that is setting up an additional application server load balanced clusters or implementing a new database cluster.

Our comprehensive monitoring of the platform ensure we have the information we need to keep our response times at or below 500 ms.


To allow us to confidently offer a cloud based platform that handles personal and sensitive data securely we have devoted a significant amount of effort to ensuring our infrastructure, our platform and our organization as a whole is watertight:

  • our datacenter is in a near military grade facility with strict physical access supervision.
  • our systems level logical security is entrusted only to long term, highly trusted and screened employees. We do not outsource logical access to our platform
  • at the application level, the platform is constantly screened for security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross site scripting and buffer overruns
  • our employees, be they developers, customer service staff or sales representatives, are constantly trained and monitored in security aspects related to their activities. We have a comprehensive security policy our employees formally underwrite.
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