Altamira Recruiting spring 2010 release

On Saturday March 27th we will be deploying the Altamira Recruiting spring 2010 release continuing in our commitment to bring our clients an advanced and stable recruiting platform

On Saturday March 27th we will be deploying Altamira Recruiting spring 2010 release that will contain the following major changes:

1. A new reporting system

The Spring 2010 release introduces a new reporting engine that will allow Altamira to greatly enrich the collection of standard reports that is made available to clients. The new reporting features will allow clients to create their own reports.

2. A new interview user interface

The interview user interface has been simplified to allow recruiters to manage interviews and the sharing of CVs with other interviewers or external users in an easier and faster way.

3. A new approach to users licenses

The platform users licenses will no longer be based on the principle of simultaneous access but on that of unique users. If you currently have more than one simultaneous users license, we will convert your licenses on a 1 to 3 basis: each additional simultaneous user license will be replaced by 3 unique users.

4. A breakdown of the platform’s features

The many features of the platform will be split and managed separately to allow a more focused approach better reflecting market needs. This change will have no impact on the functionalities available to existing users of Altamira Recruiting but will allow us to offer services in a more granular way in the future.

When will this release be available?

We will deploy the release Saturday the 27th of March.

Must I do something to receive the upgrade?

You do not need to do anything. Your account will be upgraded automatically to the new release.

How can I obtain further information?

Customer Care services can assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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