Development roadmap for the second semester of 2011

In our continued commitment to improve our solutions and deliver an increasing return on investment to our customers we are publishing our development roadmap for the second semester of 2011

Milan, 11th April 2011. Altamira specializes in web based SaaS software for Recruitment. We have been successful in providing large enterprise customers with the mature and sophisticated Recruitment Solutions they need to manage the increasing sophistication of human resources. We have also been careful to delevelop products and services for small and medium businesses, delivering ease of use and cost savings to an increasingly important customer base.

In our ongoing effort to improve user experience and customer satisfaction, Altamira is constantly developing the platform both in response to customer feedback and on the basis of the latest developments both in human resources and information technology. The following is our development roadmap for the second half of 2011:

  • Completing the migration of our Altamira Recruiting from ASP to ASP.NET. Our first development, Altamira Recruiting, is a recruitment software and applicant tracking software the streamlines the recruiting process. Altamira Recruiting is now mostly developed in ASP.NET but some of the platform is still developed in an older technology: Classic ASP. Completing the migration to ASP.NET will enable us to enrich the platform with new features, increased usability and will also increase the performance and stability of our recruiting software.

  • Integration of our recruiting software and our talent management platform. Altamira HRM manages the employee database, organizational charts, performance appraisal, learning management and salary increases. Although Altamira Recruiting and Altamira HRM share a significant portion of features such as the user interface and security there are still several aspects that need to be integrated like the reporting capability. Reporting in Altamira HRM was developed using a third party reporting platform that delivered a rapid time to market but does not allow users to use custom fields. In our recruiting software we have developed a reporting capability directly built around our extensible framework and it is this capability that will be extended to our talent management platform.

  • Social networking integration. The career centers of our applicant tracking system are already deeply integrated with social networks like Facebook and Linkedin, ensuring customers of our recruitment software maximize their redemption in employer branding. We plan to extend this integration to the back office enabling users of the platform to leverage social networks in all areas of the platform. Users of our staffing software will be able to run a query both on the candidates in the platform and on candidate profiles indexed by Google maximizing the redemption of the employment software, managers running a performance evaluation can cross check an employee’s profile on social networks.

  • A new email infrastructure. Email is an integral part of Altamira HRM solutions enabling organizations to communicate more effectively with candidates and employees. Our email infrastructure enables sophisticated automatic email that is sent when a specific event occurs, like a candidate applying for a vacancy, or at a specified date and time, like an employee contract expiring. The email infrastructure will also support direct email marketing and the sending of hundreds or thousands of emails both internally to employees and externally to candidates.
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