E-commerce for Altamira Recruiting

Altamira HRM available globally: the Altamira Recruiting platform is now available as a self service e-commerce product.

Milan, 04th March 2011. Altamira, an international provider of Recruiting and HRM platforms, has completed the development of the infrastructure that allows us to offer the Altamira platform directly on the web, as an e-commerce product. The development of an e-commerce solution for a business to business HRM platform has required work in several areas:
  • The progressive simplification in the use of the platform. This constant effort ensures a new user of the platform will feel at easy immediately. In addition to state of the art usability we have developed simple processes that reflect the real world problems organizations need to solve
  • The preparation of a self service demo environment where potential customers can evaluate the platform using a proven Altamira best practice configuration
  • The capability of fully customizing the platform using only the web based user interface giving customers a real self service human resources management platform.

Altamira can therefore offer is platforms globally allowing organizations all over the world to use enterprise class tools at low cost prices. This first release allows prospective customers to test, configure and buy Altamira Recruiting. In the course of 2011 the other products in the Altamira HRM family will be available as e-commerce options.
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