New charting capabilities available in Altamira HRM

Altamira HRM now has a rich charting capability that will further improve the platforms usability by providing information in user friendly graphical format

Milan, 1st August 2011. Altamira HRM is now equipped with a strong charting component that has been deeply integrated in the platform’s user experience. This will allow Altamira to progressively roll out more visual representation of data, a key factor in driving user adoption and continuing usage. The capability has been tied in to the platform’s dynamic data infrastructure allowing clients to chart data both from the stock fields and from custom fields.

John Martelli, CEO and founding partner, said on Monday: “We are very excited about the release of the charting component for all our HRM products. We have devoted a significant amount of time to ensure that charts are deeply integrated into the user experience; this is not just a cosmetic release but a new user experience that brings data visualization to the HR department. Not only can users develop their own charts, they can also run queries directly on chart data, creating a superb data exploration environment.” Charting is now available on all versions of the Altamira HRM platform.
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