Employee database

Altamira Emloyees provides a highly customizable online database software that tracks all the information related to your employees.

The employee database is the focal point of Altamira Employees. You can store all kind of information in the employee database and, out of the box, the product is already configured to manage most information organizations require. This includes:

  • Personal data and contacts: track basic information about employees such as name, surname, contact details etc.
  • Family status and work permits and visas: tracks family status, work permits and visas which represent a key information in a globalised environment.
  • Positions management: assign employees their role in the organization, their manager, the job description and track the history of all the positions each employee has covered in the organization.
  • Skills management: define a set of customized competencies that can be linked to the various roles and track how each employee fulfills the organization’s skill requirements.
  • Training information: track the history and training situation of each employee: what courses they are enrolled in, what courses they have attended or need to attend.
  • Compensation and benefits: easily track compensation and benefits using a simple but powerful interface. Altamira HRM can be linked to any payroll platform bringing the full range of compensation data (including pays slips) into the database and into the reporting engine.
  • Documents: upload the documents you need for each employee and use our document search engine to centralize and access all the documents you want and when you need them.



Altamira Employees is a customizable employee database software that gives you the flexibility to design the HRM platform around your requirements. You can create new fields and add them to your forms in minutes using our simple drag and drop interface, designed for non technical users. You can replace our default form layouts with your own designs ensuring the database meets your organizations needs.


Self service portal

Employees increasingly expect interact  with their HR Department through an Employee Self Service Portal. This is exactly what Altamira Employees provides: employees have access to the platform with their own account where they can view and update their data, enroll in courses, participate in assessments etc. All this depends on the permissions you grant your employees.



All data in your employee database can be used with our reporting engine. Having a central repository for data coupled with our reporting engine provides the HR Department with a powerful Business Intelligence tool.



Key employee data, such as compensation, benefits, positions, business units etc are tracked historically in the employee database. This allows you to reinforce your analytical management capabilities.

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