Altamira Performance Evaluation features

Interactive evaluations

Delegate performance evaluations to employees and their line managers transforming a process traditionally handled on paper or spreadsheet into an interactive experience

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Goals negotiation and assessment

Defining performance goals enables managers accurately track how their reports are reaching their objectives

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Competencies assessment

Based on the competencies related to the organization and to their specific role, employees are rated and self rate themselves

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Summary and reports

Each performance evaluation is accompanied by a summary page. Downloadable Microsoft Word reports allow employees to keep their performance evaluation off site

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Notifications and other features

Email notifications drive the process alerting managers and employees of the other's actions. Companies adopting a matrix organizational chart are fully supported with employees being assessed by several managers

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Get a detailed incisive view on your organizations performance evaluation process

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Customizing the evaluation process

Customize your evaluation processes by setting goals, competencies, self evaluations, and other features the way you need.

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A rich and granular security infrastructure that lets you delegate strong permissions to HR users and at the same time allows employees to interact on the platform

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