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Altamira Recruiting is a highly customizable applicant tracking system which has a powerful applicant tracking and workflow engine. The software is feature rich, simple to setup and easy to use. Organizations can customize their workflow and interview processes.

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Interview scheduling and comments

Recruiters can manage at any time interview forms indicating the project, the interviewer, the date, a grade and comments
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CV forwarding

CVs can be e-mailed to a line manager for an interview
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CVs can be e-mailed to a line manager for a simple presentation
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Automatic steps

Workflows are based on two elements: steps and outcomes that any step may have. Outcomes automatically send the application to the next appropriate step
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To do list

A box called Status allows recruiters to view at a glance to overall situation of a project: he/she can see how many candidates are in each status and therefore determine the amount of work to be done
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Custom interviews

Interview forms can be personalized, for instance with structured interview comments
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Custom workflows

Recruitment workflows can be personalized
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Altamira Recruiting has a powerful applicant tracking and workflow engine. The workflow engine is built into the core of the platform and is used to define the stages of the recruiting process. Recruiters can then select a workflow to use for a vacancy or project knowing they will be guided through the steps of the recruiting process. With workflows organizations can:

  • standardize the recruiting process across the organization ensuring candidates are recruited in a consistent manner;
  • assign outcomes to the statuses of the recruiting process enabling one click management of a candidates position in the process;
  • move candidates from one status to the other quickly and easily, individually or hundreds of candidates simultaneously
  • keep track of the stage a recruiting project has arrived at using intuitive workflow toolbars
  • assign tasks and meetings to statuses, ensuring appropriate steps are taken whenever a candidates reaches a given status.

The workflow engine is open, customizable and simple to setup and use. It has been designed to assist recruiters, not to box them in. You can follow the process faithfully or decide you wish to jump a candidate to a specific step with no limitations.


Altamira's application tracking system has an advanced management of interviews with the following features:

  • Fully customizable interview forms. You can create simple or complex interview forms, adding your own custom fields, and you can use them according to the stage the candidate has reached in the recruiting process.
  • Create interviews freely, regardless of whether the candidate is in a specific project or vacancy
  • Send CVs to line managers for them to evaluate on paper or interview face to face.
  • Schedule interviews and view them in your Altamira Recruiting calendar
  • Keep the history of all interviews a candidate has been through

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