Customize the platform endlessly to match your organizations needs

Altamira Recruiting is built on a custom application framework that is the result of over a decade of web development. We have strived to make as much of the platform customizable as is possible whilst still maintaining a user friendly environment. Complex tasks are easy to accomplish and no technical knowledge is required to get up and running or to make changes once you are running the platform in production.

  • create additional fields that can be used for candidate application forms, back office fields or both. You can create text fields, pick lists and file attachment fields;
  • add and delete items from pick lists with an easy graphical user interface;
  • design forms for use in the career center for candidate applications, for use in the back office platform or ad interview and task forms. Our drag & drop form designer will allow you to create forms in minutes;
  • design views for printing and for lists.

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