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Communicate effectively with candidates keeping them informed of their status in the recruiting project

Email & Easy CV One Enterprise Consulting

Automatic emails to candidates

It is possible to set up automatic e-mails to candidates linked to an event (for instance a thank you note when a candidate enters his/her CV in the Company’s database “My Database”)
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Automatic emails to recruiters

It is possible to set up automatic e-mails to recruiters linked to a specific event (for instance when a candidate deposits her CV or when a new vacancy is posted)
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Email templates

Set up email templates to use as canned replies to candidates
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Email to candidates

Send customized email to candidates selecting them from the database based on the phase candidates have reached in the recruiting process
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Bulk email to candidates

Send bulk email to candidates for employer branding and marketing campaigns
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Email forwarding

Forward applicant emails directly into recruiters inboxes
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Storing emails in applicants form

E-mails sent to or received by a candidate are automatically stored in his/her application form
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Global inbox / sent items

View all correspondence exchanged with candidates and search for specific messages
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Easy CV

Maximize your redemption by using traditional email to funnel candidates to your database.
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Altamira Recruiting allows you to keep track of communications with candidates in an easy and intuitive way. All e-mails are stored in the candidate’s form be they automatic e-mails, e-mail sent to the candidate from the recruiter or e-mail received in response from the candidate. The platform provides several e-mail related features:

  • Event driven email to candidates. You can configure the platform to send e-mail to candidates when they register with the career center, when they apply for a vacancy or apply speculatively or when their CV is deleted from the database;
  • Event driven email to recruiters. You can configure the platform to send e-mail to recruiters when a candidate asks to be removed from the database or when a vacancy is posted or withdrawn from the career center;
  • Recruiter driven email to candidates: You can setup e-mail templates that allow you to quickly send e-mail to candidates or you can write on the fly emails.

All emails are mail merged so candidates and recruiters receive email with meaningful and personal texts.

Easy CV allows you to automatically import CVs received by e-mail to a dedicated mail address into the database. Easy CV is a simple and convenient way to increase the number of candidates in the database. Attachments are extracted from the email immediately and imported into the database where you can full text search them. Applicants are sent an e-mail inviting them to complete their profile in the career center and as this massage is sent immediately, form completion redemption is very high

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