Altamira Recruiting One

Ideal for organizations with low turnover and a simplified recruiting process

If your organization, regardless of it's size, requires a simple and straightforward recruiting process involving a limited number of candidates, the Altamira Recruiting One version of Altamira Recruiting is the solution that meets your needs. Altamira Recruiting One is easy to use and easy to setup. It is a low cost but high quality solution to automating your recruting process and selecting the ideal candidate with just a few clicks. Altamira Recruiting One gives you a candidate database, project management and enhances your employer branding.

Altamira Recruiting One has the following main features and advantages:

  • a professional Career center you can connect to your corporate website
  • a CV database with an advanced search engine
  • a fully featured set of tools to manage the recruitment process (vacancies, projects, interviews, communication with candidates, etc.)
  • very competitive price

Altamira Recruiting One provides a database up to 500 CVs and one back office user. Altamira Recruiting One is not expandable.

Last but not least, Altamira Recruiting One is straightforward, easy and simple to use.

For more details, see the comparison table of the three versions
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