CV database with a powerful search engine

The CV database is simple and intuitive to use, yet powerful and flexible. You’ll be wondering how you ever did without.

Using Altamira Recruiting software at its most basic level you get a fully featured candidate database. The database allows recruiters to quickly locate applicants using a variety of search methods:  

  • using a quick search box that is intuitive, quick and easy to use;
  • using a rich search form called Advanced Search. This contains all the fields from the candidates application form and all the backoffice information;
  • using stored searches build with the Advanced Search form and a sophisticated Boolean operator engine with an easy graphical user interface that requires no technical query training.

The platform manages CV attachments in most popular word processing formats: Adobe PDF files, RTF files, Microsoft Word Files and simple text files. Binary attachments are stored with the application form and using a unique technique are presented to recruiters side by side with the application form fields. Full text searches on hundreds of thousands of CVs are lightning fast; you even get search term highlighting, proximity operators and complex expressions.

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My Database

The proprietary CV Database contains all the applications either deposited by candidates or manually added by recruiters

Customizable CV lists

The CV lists can be customized

Quick search boxes

A contextual quick boxes search allows to find CV, vacancies and projects

Advanced search

An advanced search engine allows recruiters to define CV search conditions using all the fields included in the CV form

Storing advanced search templates

Advanced queries can be saved and reused with a single click

Binary CV attachments in many formats

CVs can be attached in many formats: Microsoft Word (6, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007, 2010), Adobe PDF, RFT, simple text

Automatic duplicate management

The platform automatically handles duplicate CVs according to the duplication criteria defined by the organization

Full text search

Recruiters can perform a keyword search (full text) within the CV’s text

Full text keyword highlighting

The keywords used in full text queries are highlighted in the text of the CV

Bulk delete

CVs can be deleted singly or in bulk, using any of the simple or advanced filters to generate the list of CV to be deleted

Altamira Recruiting

  • Fully featured
  • Professional career site
  • Millions of CVs managed and 99.95% uptime
  • Job board and search engine integration

Try Altamira now!

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