Why choose Altamira

Why choose Altamira when selecting an HRM platform

The quality of our service

In Altamira we believe that the quality of the service our clients receive is a key ingredient of our overall offering. The quality of service begins with the stability and reliability of our software solutions and continues through to our consultancy and our help desk. We guarantee a 4 hour response time to our customers queries and access to a second level specialist. Our extremely high level of customer retention and satisfaction are a testament to our commitment to our top quality service.



Altamira has been a provider of HRM SaaS since 1999. Our set up and deployment process has been used successfully and fined tuned with hundreds of clients. Our sales people, consultants, software developers and help desk desk representatives are highly qualified and all have specific training and experience in HR processes. Last but not least this experience is embodied in our software solutions.



The feature set of our HRM software adapts to the needs of both small business and large, complex multinationals. We continuously ad features to our platform to ensure that our clients have all the tools they need to do their work efficiently.



Altamira’s HRM SaaS solution is not just about having a web based interface. We have engineered our services to enable our customers to independently make any change they want: create new fields, ad items to list, customize the graphic lay out and much more.


Uptime and Security

Our average uptime over the last three years has been 99.997%. We directly engineer and maintain our multiply redundant infrastructure and this is what enables us to reach these industry leading results. Security is built into our products at both the infrastructure and application layers ensuring compliance of the strictest regulatory standards and enabling fine grained data access control for our users.


Integrated talent management solution

Altamira HRM is an integrated talent management platform that enables organizations to manage HR processes from the Career site to performance evaluation. Attract, search, screen, interview, hire, promote, assess, train and evaluate all in one single integrated environment.


Simple to use

We believe that complex problems can be handled in a clean and simple way. Altamira is built around this principle ensuring that our users are up and running as quickly as possible and maximizing the adoption of our solutions in the organization. 



Altamira HRM is available in seven fully translated languages and support for an additional eleven enabling you to adapt to a global environment.


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