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Category Archives: SaaS HR Solutions

Making a Business Case for Cloud HR

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Moving HR activities and processes into the cloud has the power to turn Human Resources into a data-driven business partner while allowing it to become more people-oriented than ever. That’s because cloud-based software dramatically changes not only how HR operates, but also the entire company. Centralized data on a platform that everyone can use company-wide empowers employees to collaborate in new ways as they take charge of their careers. The cloud also frees up HR to focus on making a more strategic contribution.

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3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Human Resources

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For many Human Resources (HR) organizations, the move to cloud-based software delivery is inevitable. Cloud is already living up to its promise at many companies, empowering HR to be more strategic and employees to be more productive. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone fully understands its benefits, or isn’t concerned about the risks inherent to change. Conversations between companies and vendors are cutting through the hype, hope and fears to discover the practical value cloud can bring. Continue reading