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Pricing Altamira Recruiting

Monthly prices excluding VAT
Number of CVs Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Up to
Altamira Recruiting
€40 €60 €90 €100 €120 €140 €160 €180 €200
Altamira Recruiting
€110 €140 €170 €200 €250 €300 €350 €375 €425
Altamira Recruiting
From 80€, call for info

* The monthly price is available only with credit card payments. With wire transfers the service is provided on an annual basis.

Bring Your Human Resources to the next step!

Altamira Recruiting always includes:

  • Privacy, permissions and security management
  • Career site, link to the corporate website and vacancies
  • Email and phone support with initial training
  • CV data base with custom fields and views
  • Searches on all data in the platform, including CV attachments uploaded by candidates, using simple filters, and advanced free text indexed searches
  • Automatic evaluation of candidates customizable by recruiters
  • CV forwarding to line managers
  • Rich library of readymade reports and statistics

Enterprise adds:

Interview module
  • Differentiated interviews (1st interview, 2nd interview, etc.)
  • Custom fields in interview form (structured evaluation forms)
  • Multiple workflows (workfow can vary according to the type of role)
  • Integration with Outlook and other email systems
Email module
  • Sending email to one or more candidates
  • Receiving replies from candidates
  • Tracking of all emails sent and received with candidates
  • Email templates
  • Integration with the recruiting workflow
Projects module
  • Copying of CVs from the database to vacancies or projects
  • Automatic addition of CVs to vacancies and projects
  • Managing access permissions to vacancies and projects
  • Saved searches