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our partners

a portrait of our ideal partner

Producers of complementary software

We are interested in partnerships with producers of attendance monitoring equipment, payroll systems and other systems that manage HR processes complementary to our software suite.
Our suite is open and extensible allowing us to integrate with any software platform. This means we can present ourselves together with our partners with an offer of great value.

Consulting firms

Altamira is an excellent and reliable technological partner that you can recommend to your clients.
Activities such as skills mapping, the development of a performance management system, the organization of a companywide training plan, the structuring of the recruiting process, the centralization of employee data and many other processes can be carried out with the support of our platform, delivering an efficient, modern and interactive solution for your clients.


If you resell business software, enrich your portfolio with the Altamira suite of professional products for the management of HR processes.
Altamira enjoys an excellent reputation in the world of Human Resource Management and has a large client base of top brands, a significant selling point when reselling our solutions.

Partnership Formulas


Fulfill the requirements of prospective and existing clients by suggesting our solution. We will be in charge of showcasing the platform and offering pre-sale and post-sale support.

Perfect for:

consulting companies, web agencies, freelance professionals


According to this formula, your task will be to advertise our solution, showcase it, sell it, configure it and offer customer support, for which you will receive a substantial commission.

Perfect for:

software producers and resellers

Would you like to propose a partnership?
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