Clock in and out in seconds

Thanks to the native Altamira app, every employee can clock in and out in seconds from their Android or iOS smartphone, with the ability to quickly specify a reason. In this way, they can indicate the location or the site where they currently are or associate their work time with a task or project.

A perfect solution for smart working, business traveling, working on customers’ premises and construction sites, or simply for companies that want to do without hardware attendance monitoring devices.

Clocking in and out is recorded correctly even if the mobile phone is offline. Thus, the clock-in app can also be used in places without an internet connection, such as outlying construction sites and tunnels.

Geolocation and Geo-fencing

For companies that require it, Altamira’s attendance app is able to record the employee’s position at the time of clocking in and out thanks to location services.

In addition, companies can also set it up so that clock-ins/outs are only validated if they are made within certain geographical areas, for example the company headquarters or a work site.

This technology, known as geo-fencing, respects common privacy policies, increases security and protects both parties, companies and workers, from any fraudulent activity.


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Holidays, leave and overtime

Our attendance monitoring app doesn’t just manage clock-ins/outs, but also absences and overtime.

It only takes a few clicks to send an absence request or request approval for accrued overtime from the manager, and it’s just as easy to approve or reject it. Requests and approvals are communicated in real time via push notifications on smartphones, ensuring that the process is fast.

Through the app, you can check the history of your absences and upcoming holidays in the calendar, and see how many hours of overtime you have accrued. You can also view a complete report on the working hours you’ve put in during the previous days.

Integrated with Altamira attendance software

The native app is part of Altamira’s Attendance offering and is perfectly synchronized in real time with a full web app.

The clock-in app adopts the employee’s point of view, allowing them to accomplish any task related to managing their working hours in seconds.

The web app, which can be used from any device, allows the administration and HR department to set attendance rules for each employee, produce the monthly timecard and create reports.


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