“Managing the recruiting activity in a structured and complex group the size of ATM without a stable, fast, complete and flexible software platform would be unthinkable. Altamira Recruiting delivers the tools we need.”

Rossella Vasini

Head of Recruiting

The Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM), owned by the City of Milan, manages public transport in the capital of Lombardy and in 51 municipalities of the province serving an area with a total population of over 2.4 million citizens. From the 1st of January 2007, ATM has been structured in a group formed by nine companies led by the parent ATM SpA. Today ATM is a company that designs and manages services and technologically advanced systems for sustainable mobility. The Group employs over 9,000 people organized into 120 different roles and spread over 28 locations.

The Challenge

In 1999 ATM Campus, the job training and development centre of the Group, was born with the following three objectives:

  • select candidates in line with the skills required by the Group
  • attract the necessary candidates to support business goals
  • activate contacts with universities and specialized research centres with the goal of recruiting talent and creating a collaborative network

To ensure these objectives were met, in 2006 ATM set itself the goal of identifying a software platform to support the recruiting activities of the Group, both from the point of view of quantity and quality.

The Solution

ATM’s choice led to the implementation of the Altamira Recruiting Enterprise platform allowing ATM Campus to manage the recruiting for the Group. More specifically:

  • Have a career site both for the collection of CV and to support Employer Branding activities
  • Screen candidates to identify applicants in line with the Group’s requirements
  • Manage the calling of candidates for interview
  • Manage introductory and recruiting interviews
  • Evaluate candidates
  • Send selected candidates to line managers

Over the past two years ATM has tracked 819 recruiting interviews and participated in 34 employer branding events. In 2012 the career site received 21,542 CVs.

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