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Meet the Altamira team

Altamira is a team made up of 99% IT professionals. We are based in Milan, Italy.

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marco crespi

Marco Crespi



Marco was born in Caracas and raised in Venezuela and France where he passed his Baccalaureat and graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Economics and Finance).

Marco started his professional career in Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, first in Paris, then in New York and finally in Milan where he worked for four years. After a two years’ experience in Banque Paribas in Milan, in 1988 he left the banking industry to start a professional career in Executive Search opening the Italian branch of Daniel Porte Consultants. In 1995 he founded his own company (Crespi Ghetti Associati) bringing employee satisfaction surveys and 360 feedbacks tools to Italy. In 1999 he co-founded Altamira with John Martelli successfully directing the company through the dot com bubble and building a revenue generating business years before other web businesses where able to do so.

john martelli

John Martelli

Managing Director


John was born in London and raised in Milan, where he went to the Sir James Henderson British School. After leaving the school he attended the London School of Economics where he read Mathematics & Economics.

John started his professional career as an economist at management consulting company where he joined the forecasting division, developing software based econometric simulation models. In 1997 he returned to his childhood passion of ICT founding and directing Sitea Information Technology, an IT services company that he grew from start up to a successful sale in 2003 to a large system integrator. In 2000 he co-founded Altamira with Marco Crespi and has taken the company’s technology from blue print to market leader.


Stefania Secondi

Chief Financial Officer

stefania secondi

Stefania was born in Milan where she graduated in Economics at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

She started her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry where she became head of strategic planning in a medium size Italian organization. In 1990 she launched her own activity as professional accountant (inscription to the Albo dei commercialisti in 1990). Stefania has been with Altamira since it was founded and has been instrumental in ensuring the companies financial solidity.
Stefania has also been part of the Italian Show Jumping National team and she is an almost professional cook!


Laura Tiso

Telesales and direct marketing

laura tiso

Laura was born in Milan and when to school at Istituto Tecnico per il Turismo “Artemisia Gentileschi" where she got a diploma in languages.

She started her professional career as an outbound sales representative in MCI Worldcom (Verizon) after which she worked for Talent Manager, a leading Italian job board. She joined the sales team Altamira in 2005, handling out bound and inbound sales opportunities. Laura has acquired an extensive experience in sales and marketing of Human Resources software. She now manages the direct marketing and telesales team that form an integral part of Altamira’s sales and marketing strategy.

Tommaso Agosti

Tommaso Agosti

Senior developer


Tommaso was born in Cuggiono and went to school at Ipsia Leonardo da Vinci where he got his diploma in electronics. After leaving school he attended the Politecnico di Milano where he got a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.

He joined Altamira in 2002 as a software developer and quickly specialized in Microsoft .NET. Tommaso’s technical skills and attention to detail have driven him to become the owner of testing and quality in Altamira’s software development cycle. He manages the release cycle and ensures that software is delivered to customers on time and meeting rigorous testing and quality checks.

Daniele Moneta

Daniele Moneta

Senior developer


Daniele was born in Milan and went to school in Milan at ITC de Nicola school where he qualified as a computer programmer.

He joined Altamira in 2000 and has been instrumental in growing the company from a startup to a market leader. Daniele has developed a cutting edge back ground in web software development and has a deep experience in database technologies related to dynamic search. He oversees the development Altamira’s powerful semantic search engine that is used throughout the platform for instantaneous information retrieval.

Emanuele Grossi

Emanuele Grossi

Custom projects developer


Emanuele was born in Milan and went to school in Pavia at the IT Cardano where he got a software developer diploma.

After finishing his studies he joined Altamira where he started developing career sites for clients. After acquiring a significant back ground in web development, particularly related to Microsoft Technologies, Emanuele began overseeing custom projects for clients. He now manages custom projects and is in charge of Trovolavoro, the leading Italian job board that has outsourced it’s recruiting technology to Altamira.

Christian Foddi

Christian Foddi

Customer services


Christian was born in Carbonia where he went to school at ITC Beccaria and left with an accounting diploma.

Christian started his professional career in Fastweb's Network Operations Center where he started support operations for residential customers and graduated to business and enterprise solutions. He joined Altamira in 2008 as a customer support representative. Christian has gained considerable experience in supporting Human Resources platforms. He now manages the customer service team and has been instrumental in giving Altamira it’s unrivalled reputation for customer service.

Luigi Fantin

Luigi Fantin

Senior developer


Luigi was born in Padova where he when to school at the Alessandro Volta scientific lyceum. After leaving school he studied computer science at the Università Statale di Milano.

He began his professional career as a web developer in 2000 in Espero, a Milan based web agency where he developed several web sites and services with a nationwide audience. In 2007 he joined Opera 21 where he worked as a senior developer consultant. He jumped on board Altamira in 2009 where he brought his .NET development skills to fruition. Luigi has been in charge of the powerful framework underlying Altamira’s HRM platform that allow customers unparalleled levels of flexibility and customizability.

Giuseppe Borrelli

Giuseppe Borrelli

Senior network engineer


Giuseppe Borrelli was bor in Milan where he attended the ISIS Giorgi and graduated in Electronics.

Giuseppe started his professional career in Algol as a Cisco engineer. He then Sitea Information Technology with the IT consultants team where he grew his expertise in systems engineering.
Giuseppe has been with Altamira since it was founded and is reponsible for managing the network infrastructure. He is instrumental in delivering a five nines system uptime and ensuring that norrmal and emergency maintenance of the platform has no impact on service availability.

foto Emanuele Rifaldi

Emanuele Rifaldi

Account Manager


Emanuele graduated in Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures and earned a post-graduate degree in International Management from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

His professional career started with an internship in Delfanti Trade, in the food and agricultural industry, as a Junior Export Manager.

He created and managed his own company in the Horeca industry. Later on, he worked again as an Account Manager in Fibering Spa, an Italian telecommunications company.

Emanuele joined Altamira at the beginning of 2015. He is our Business Developer, Account Manager and Channel Developer for Italy, Spain and South America.

foto Alessandra Ippedico

Alessandra Ippedico

Customer Services


Alessandra was born in a town near Bari. She graduated from Translation and Interpretation School of Trieste University. Italian is her mother tongue and she speaks fluent English and French.

Alessandra had the opportunity to approach Information Technology and Help Desk during previous work experiences in Italy and abroad.

She joined Altamira in 2015 and she is in charge of the Customer Care service; she also trains Altamira users and partners and writes user manuals.

She is specializing in Performance Management Processes customization for international customers.

foto Andrea De Vita
freccia destra6

Andrea De Vita



Andrea was born in Siracusa. He graduated in Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 2006.

He worked for Vivendi Universal in Dublin. Later on, he earned a post-graduate degree in publishing and worked as an editor in Giunti Group.

He became a freelance in 2010 and specialized in copywriting, SEO and digital marketing, obtaining several certifications and taking part to various Italian and international projects.

He started working in Altamira at the end of 2015. As our Marketing Manager, he handles our promotion and communication strategies, as well as our social networks activity.

Alketa Sharka

Alketa Sharka

Customer Services


Born in Albania, Alketa moved to Milan in 2006, where she continued her studies. After graduating in Sciences of Organizations, she is currently taking a Master Degree in Human Resources Training and Development.

After working as a Recruiter for a leading recruitment company, she joined the Altamira team in January 2017.

Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the HR world, Alketa has acquired a strong command of Altamira software in a very short time. Today she in charge of the Customer Care service and deals with the management and customization of new accounts.

She is specializing in the digitalization of the entire process of leave requesting and approving for both SME and multinational companies.

foto Elena Franzolini

Elena Franzolini

Account Manager


Born in Udine, Elena graduated in Languages and Culture for International Communication at the University of Milan in 2015. Due to her passion for foreign languages, Elena speaks English and Spanish fluently.

She started her career as a Sales Consultant in the sales department of Arval Italia, then pursuing her career at Mars as a Sales Account. She joined Altamira in 2017 as Account Manager for the markets of Italy, Spain and Latin America.

By participating in the definition of business strategies, she deals with business development, business network implementation and customer portfolio management.



Altamira is based in via Giovanni Marradi 1, Milan. Our headquarters are in the heart of Milan, Italy near Santa Maria delle Grazie where Da Vinci's famous fresco is.


Altamira is a software company specializing in business applications for Human Resources Management (HRM). Our platforms are delivered exclusively via the Internet (SaaS) and are designed for companies of all sizes.

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