Elevate the Candidate’s Experience with CV Parsing

Improve your job ads’ response rates with our AI recruiting tools. CV parsing streamlines the application process by eliminating lengthy forms.

Applicants upload their resumes, and our system automatically extracts and fills in the necessary details. All they have to do, is confirming their information to comply with GDPR.

This seamless process allows for quick and easy submissions, even from smartphones, significantly increasing response rates and candidate engagement.

Extract and Organize Information from Each and Every Resume

With CV parsing technology, every resume entering your database is scanned and converted into structured information. This helps recruiters quickly populate the company database, save time on multiple tasks, and conduct more accurate searches.

CV parsing extracts and categorizes personal information, educational backgrounds, work experiences, developed skills, and more, enabling semantic search and CV matching systems to deliver precise results.

Altamira’s recruiting AI leverages Textkernel’s technology, a European leader in the field, offering a rich database of skills and professions that is constantly updated and translated into 29 languages.

Even resumes attached as images will be correctly scanned!

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Find the Perfect Match with Semantic Search

One of the key advantages of recruiting AI is its ability to conduct broader and more accurate searches. Semantic search allows you to quickly identify candidates with specific skills or professional backgrounds.

This feature also accounts for synonyms and typographical errors in resumes, ensuring no potential candidate is overlooked.

With Altamira Recruiting, semantic search can be combined with quick and advanced search options, enabling users to refine results efficiently, even when querying large databases.

Speed Up Selection with CV Matching

Streamline your selection process with CV matching. This AI-powered recruiting system ranks candidates based on their alignment with job requirements, allowing recruiters to manage a large volume of resumes efficiently. It also identifies profiles already in your archive that meet the job criteria, maximizing the value of your existing database and assisting with even the most challenging searches.

Our algorithm’s recommendations are based on objective criteria, such as skills and work experiences, and exclude discriminatory factors like age and gender. This supports your company’s commitment to diversity and meritocracy.

Enhance Efficiency with Recruiting AI!

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