App nota spese Altamira

Effortless expense report creation

Streamline your company’s entire process of expense report creation and approval with our intuitive native app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Adding an expense has never been easier. Simply fill in the few required fields and capture a photo of the receipt using your smartphone’s camera. The app will automatically populate the remaining details and track the request’s status.

This way, employees can instantly enter a new expense as soon as it is incurred, eliminating the risk of misplaced receipts.

Submit and approve with a single click

Once the expense report is created and all the necessary classification info has been provided (e.g., project or associated client), the request can be submitted to the person responsible for its verification with just a click.

Depending on each company’s customized workflow, the manager, administrator, or HR office in charge of approval will instantly receive an app notification to review the reimbursement request.

Once verified, a single click is all it takes for it to be approved.

App nota spese Altamira

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App nota spese Altamira

Take full advantage of its features and automation

When it comes to managing expense reports, the Altamira app offers a wide range of features and automation that save you time and enhance data accuracy:

  • Calculations, including mileage reimbursement, are handled directly by the platform
  • Company travel policies are automatically applied
  • Data and receipts are securely stored digitally
  • Support for multiple companies, languages, and currencies is provided
  • HR managers and administrators can use the web app for data analysis and reporting on company expenses.

Use the app for attendance management as well

Utilize the Altamira HRM app not only for effortless expense report creation and approval, but also for managing various aspects of your employee’s time at the company.

Our application allows employees to conveniently clock in and out, submit leave requests, and seek overtime approval.

With Altamira, you can streamline all your essential administrative processes within a single, user-friendly interface.


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