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Cut down on data entry with our candidate database

With Altamira Recruiting, all the curricula you already have, together with all those you receive in response to vacancies or as unsolicited applications, are stored in a single database with a filing system tailor-made for you.

The CV database is automatically populated with the information entered by candidates in the fields of the application form, eliminating time spent on data entry.

What’s more, the order and prominence of the information can be configured as you wish, enabling you to continue with your habitual work methods.

Pick out key information at a glance

The curriculum database gives you a list of candidates, clearly indicating which ones replied to a specific job offer and which have been included in a given screening process.

The main items of information are visible at a glance and, at a single click, profiles can be ranked on the basis of whichever parameter you choose. A sidebar shows you the most recent operations and indicates whereabouts you are presently located in the hiring process.

Candidates can be selected individually or in groups: this allows you to send a message to several people at the same time or even to all candidates in the database in the space of a few seconds.

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A clear overview of every candidate

Each candidate has a personal file in the CV database, containing all the information entered by him/her. The attached CV is instantly available as a back office preview, so you lose no time in downloading.

You also have the option to include in each section information not provided by the candidate when submitting the CV. These could be details provided during the interview phase, such as previous earnings, or other information you consider important to keep on file.

What’s more, the sheet keeps a record of past activity relating to each candidate, from interviews to messages exchanged through the CV management software.

Find the right profile immediately

The curriculum database of our recruitment software can process CV attachments in most common formats, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, RTF or simple text files. The attachments are saved on the candidate files and are visible to screening staff as a preview alongside the text fields.

A powerful search engine helps you to quickly pick out the profile best suited to your job description, even from amongst thousands of candidates.

The search automatically takes account also of information included in the attachments. Through the advanced search, you can include multiple parameters and so arrive at extremely targeted results. Commonly-used searches can be saved and re-used with a single click.

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