Get organized!

Thanks to an enhanced and intuitive workflow system, you need never lose track of an application. The workflow faithfully reproduces the hiring process already in use in your company, routing the applications through the different stages, from initial screening through to hiring or rejection.

You can see all the profiles at a glance in any given status, and keep track of all the activities relating to them.

Moreover, you can speed up and organize the candidate screening through a search project. Visible only to recruiters, a project allows you to manage a hiring process choosing whether to add to the list of candidates by using a vacancy or drawing from your CV database.

Receive only the CVs that are of interest to you

Do your vacancies always attract a large number of irrelevant resumes?

With our system of automatic addition and removal of CVs, you can decide on the basic requirements that candidates must have to participate in the selection. Within the project, only those profiles that match the requirements will remain, whilst candidates not in line with the set criteria are removed automatically.

The same system can be used to convey the curricula with certain characteristics to a permanent project, which then becomes a subset within the database.

Candidate Screening

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Candidate Screening

Immediately identify the best candidates

Set evaluation criteria for an open position – for example age, education level, years of experience, a particular qualification, etc. – and assign a weighting to each of them.

In the evaluation phase, all the CVs receive a score from 0 to 3 stars, depending on how far they meet the criteria.

Ranking the curricula on the basis of this score, you can see in a matter of seconds which candidates merit attention and which do not reflect the required profile.

Base your choices on hard data

Altamira Recruiting provides you with a number of useful reports to facilitate the search and selection process and enables you to create an infinite number of new ones.

It takes only a few seconds to find out which job board offers the largest number of profiles and how many months it takes to complete a hiring process, to call up a cross-section view of the CV database by age, role, qualifications and much more.

Accurate analysis of this data enables you to refine your recruiting strategy and increase your efficiency.

Candidate Screening

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