“Altamira’s adaptability was crucial in allowing us to customize the performance management platform. It helped us achieve the perfect result we expected.”

Andrea Rotundo
Andrea Rotundo

IT & Infrastructure Manager

Galli & Cassina is a Lombard company producing industrial valves for the Oil & Gas sector.

A historical enterprise founded in 1919, Galli & Cassina is a well-known player in its sector, both in Italy and abroad. It operates in various international markets, with branch offices in America, India, and China.

With eight plants and rich internal know-how, the company overlooks the entire production chain, from designing to manufacturing.

Andrea Rotundo is the company’s IT & Infrastructure manager, a role introduced in recent years to carry out the digital transition of all business processes to improve quality and efficiency.

Having joined Galli & Cassina in 2019, Andrea manages the IT sector both at the infrastructural and project levels.

The Challenge

Even a fast-growing company like Galli & Cassina felt the need to improve its processes and performance.

More specifically, they wanted to use the KPIs of each department as a lever for constant performance enhancement; this required a software to measure employee performance, and therefore implement evaluation and rewards based on yearly goals.

The project, spearheaded by Andrea and the HR office, started with a pilot program involving 50 workers, the company’s beating heart. However, this choice presented two additional challenges:

  • A low level of digital skills among personnel.
  • The lack of personal computers among production workers.

The software selection

To maximize the chances of success, Andrea looked for a digitization partner that could provide not only an adequate technological solution, but also reliable and constant support in the pre and post-sale phases.

The software selection process was swift, as it quickly became apparent that Altamira would represent a great partner for the project.

Altamira Performance’s employee evaluation software was deemed extremely intuitive, even for inexperienced users, while its customizable templates served as an inspiring blueprint for the outline of the final processes.

The solution proposed by Altamira presented some additional advantages:

  • The Altamira Performance software can be purchased separately at a competitive rate, with the option of acquiring the suite’s additional modules at a later date.
  • The software is cloud-based and can be accessed through the user’s browser without needing a local install. This mode of delivery increases flexibility, reduces time and costs, and eliminates infrastructural issues.
  • Both manager and employee self-assessments can be completed within minutes.

“Altamira has given us a product that users can easily navigate, regardless of their digital skills. At the same time, the customizable evaluation templates played a key role in fine-tuning our internal processes.”

Challenges and solutions

Implementing a performance management process for the first time is always a complex endeavor.

There is a natural resistance to change (especially in a company with over a century of history) and a strong distrust towards a system that, at first glance, can be perceived as an additional inspection body.

To overcome this distrust, the company, along with the HR and IT departments, have conducted extensive cultural and educational work to reassure the workforce about the scope and benefits of this system, as well as the transparency of the overall process.

The company has also minimized the effort required to execute the process.

Andrea was able to devise a very efficient solution thanks to the cloud-based, highly responsive Altamira platform: he organized two kiosks equipped with touch-screen technology from which employees were able to carry out their own self-assessments.

This was a perfect solution for a workforce unfamiliar with personal computers and more accustomed to touch devices such as smartphones.

Configuration and support

Andrea was pleasantly surprised to find such a young and highly competent staff with Altamira, starting from the sales representative, who continues to follow the project development and remains the point of reference for the company.

Throughout the platform’s initial configuration process, Andrea and the HR personnel at Galli & Cassina received the additional support of a project manager and an application consultant from Altamira.

The timely support of a product expert, capable of providing precise instructions for the completion of each step, was crucial in boosting the confidence in the project’s success.

In the preliminary phase, each request for change and correction was swiftly executed, always within 48 hours, fully satisfying the SLA terms.

The post-implementation support system was equally efficient and flexible, with rapid resolution of all tickets.

“We couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

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