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Set up a training plan by edition

Each year – or even in the course of a single year – training courses already held in the past may be repeated.

The same course can, in fact, be run more than once in order to train new staff or employees who have just been promoted to a new position or have undergone changes in their duties etc.

Setting up a training plan by edition means there is no need to recreate courses from scratch every time. The previous settings are maintained and only those fields where changes are required need to be updated.

Quite a time saver!

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Empower your employees

The training plan is a powerful tool for employee engagement and retention so it is obviously a good thing to involve your human capital in setting it up.

With Altamira Learning, every employee is assigned his own sheet, which keeps track of courses attended and those required by the role. The employee is also able to view the company’s course catalog and register for their chosen courses.

The course catalog contains the training timetable and the employee can use this to track and locate dates, times and venue of each lesson.

Organize your company training program with Altamira Learning

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Monitor costs and outcomes of the training plan

Our learning management platform enables you to keep track of the costs and outcomes of your corporate training plan.

The reports generated tell you exactly how much you spend on training, how many and which employees successfully completed the courses, which competencies they acquired and much more.

At year end, therefore, you have all the information you need to adjust and improve your training plan, so that it becomes more and more effective and beneficial for your business.

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Delegate course management to trainers

Offer access to the learning management platform also to external trainers: in this way, they can directly manage the setting up and running of their courses.

Using the tools at their disposal, they can change the lesson plan, track attendance, schedule exams, assign a rating to each participant, and much more.

Less work for the HR office in managing the corporate training plan.


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