A shared calendar which is easy to read

All absence requests are put into one shared calendar, providing a graphical representation of the company’s leave plan.

The calendar allows for different views – by day, week, month – and, with its colors and images, conveys the required information at a glance.

As with the other tools of the Altamira HRM platform, you can customize the information presented on the calendar.

Immediately see all relevant information

Does your company have a lot of employees and you fear that the calendar may be too “crowded” to be legible?

Don’t worry. Basically, each employee or manager only sees the information most relevant to them, for example the leave and permissions requested and approved for their team.

You can then use a series of filters to display only the data you need. For example, you can filter the calendar by business unit or by type of absence, view all the requests currently pending approval by a given manager or monitor all those submitted by a particular employee.

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Make use of the history when taking decisions

All employee requests are stored on the absence management platform and become part of the history.

This enables you to know who has sent an absence request first, who in the past has had the benefit of leave during peak periods such as the Christmas holidays, dates which are particularly critical because they are requested by many employees, and so on.

You can use this information to draw up a company leave plan that, as far as possible, meets the needs of all.

Total control with the reporting system

All information managed by the platform – including that imported from time and attendance software – can be extracted and organized through the reporting system.

These charts and tables process the information you need and present them in a clear and detailed way, providing you with a valuable basis for your decisions.

Altamira Leave Management offers a large number of predefined reports and enables you also to create any others you may wish.

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