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Why choose Altamira Expense

“Altamira Expense is a cloud-based software designed to simplify and expedite the typically burdensome, time-consuming, and complex process of expense reporting. Our native app provides an excellent solution for companies striving to guarantee their employee a seamless experience, even when dealing with some of the most bureaucratic business processes.”

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Altamira Expense

Create expense reports in a matter of seconds

Simplify the expense report creation process for your employees with our user-friendly interface. Our expense management software automatically applies company policies, making the request for reimbursements quick and painless. By streamlining this process, companies will save valuable time that can be thus allocated toward other important activities.

Minimize errors and waiting times

You can significantly reduce errors and reimbursement times by managing expenses with cloud-based software like Altamira. Our platform automates calculations, ensuring compliance with company reimbursement policies. Expense reports are promptly sent for approval and seamlessly communicated to the payroll software for pay slip updates.

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Advantages of our expense management software

Altamira Expense

Optimize your expense reporting system

Altamira Expense brings order to travel expense reimbursements. Filled up forms and receipts are securely stored and digitally organized on the platform for easy retrieval, even after an extended period of time. Users can use filters and search options to quickly locate the necessary information, while the personal dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of each employee’s profile.

Total control at your fingertips

Use Altamira’s mobile app for quick expense report creation. Users can easily attach receipts to the report by snapping a photo with their smartphone’s camera and submitting the request in real time, eliminating the stress of misplaced receipts and invoices. Managing requests is equally effortless: managers, administrators, or HR personnel will receive notifications that can be approved or rejected with a single click.

See the benefits and features of the expense management app

Enhance your employees’ experience

Advancing expenses during a business trip can be quite burdensome for employees. However, our expense management software simplifies and expedites reimbursements, improving the overall employee experience. The system auto-populates various fields, minimizing the employee’s effort while accurately calculating refunds based on company policies.

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Establish an efficient approval workflow

Thanks to Altamira’s workflow configuration options, you can design simple or complex approval scenarios that replicate your company’s existing processes. Whether you need a dual approval level, to delegate certain activities to managers, or to include direct interactions between employees and the HR department, our software has you covered. Additionally, you’ll be able to schedule customizable notifications and to integrate seamlessly with other management systems.

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Process all types of expenses

Our expense management software allows employees to record any type of business expense incurred during a trip using a customizable list of categories. Templates will vary depending on the type of expenditure; for instance, mileage reimbursement requires a travel itinerary to be approved.


Automatically apply company policies

No matter what type of reimbursement system your company uses, whether it’s analytical, flat-rate, or mixed, Altamira Expense has you covered. Our reporting software allows you to easily replicate your company’s reimbursement policy, which will then be automatically applied to employee requests. For instance, the program will enforce the maximum limit defined by the company’s policy for a specific expense type.


Monitor company expenses

Managing expenses with cutting-edge solutions empowers users to analyze all stored data, gaining valuable insights into employee expenses and the company’s overall expenditures. Our comprehensive library of reports also enables companies to assess the situation based on various parameters, such as business units, projects, clients, expense types, cost centers, and more. Additionally, each company has the flexibility to create custom reports tailored to their specific needs.


Keep track of company vehicles

Our expense management software includes a comprehensive database dedicated to your company’s vehicles. Each car is assigned to a specific employee and paired with a mileage reimbursement coefficient. As a result, our platform automatically calculates the actual reimbursement owed to employees for their business trips, taking into account the itinerary provided in the expense report.


Manage multiple companies, currencies, and languages

With our expense management solution, you have the flexibility to distribute reimbursements in multiple currencies and across various groups of companies. The platform is also fully translated into five languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian) and can be localized into 14 others, allowing you to manage a global workforce.

HRM suite

Complete your solution with the Altamira HR suite

Digitalizing employee expense reports is just the first step toward modern Human Resources management. By incorporating other products from our comprehensive suite, you can unlock the potential of a unified platform to efficiently manage and enhance every aspect of your human capital. Track attendance and absences, organize training courses and evaluation processes, store employee documents, and streamline your recruitment efforts, all through a single user interface.


Create an integrated ecosystem with Altamira API

At Altamira, we recognize that HR management is an indispensable component of all successful business operations. That’s why we have developed a platform that seamlessly integrates with the applications you use the most. Thanks to our Application Programming Interface (API), your programmers can now establish sophisticated data exchanges, granting you complete control over your information and processes. Just like our platform, the API is fully customizable to suit your unique requirements.


Altamira Expense

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