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Clock in wherever you are

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to invest in a hardware clock-in system.

With Altamira Attendance, you can manage time records virtually, marking the beginning and end of a working day by the simple press of a button on the web platform. All these operations are also very easy to perform on a smartphone or tablet.

Through the same interface, you can keep track of all the clock-in and clock-out times recorded.

Let the platform manage overtime for you

The platform automatically calculates the extra hours worked by your employees, who will be able to make requests for overtime independently, according to your organization’s rules.

We will configure the platform to accurately reflect your company’s attendance policy. For example, you can differentiate between types of employees, and you can set up predefined time intervals in order to distinguish between extra hours worked during nights, days and public holidays.

With Altamira Attendance you can also convert the extra time accumulated, in an orderly manner and with just a few clicks, into overtime hours to be paid or added to working time accounts, etc.

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Resolve anomalies independently

In a given year it is inevitable that even the most careful of your employees will make some mistakes clocking in or out.

Every anomaly detected by the system is reported by an e-mail. With the help of this e-mail, the user can access the platform directly and correct the anomaly.

In this way many of the most common errors (for instance, forgetting to clock out) are resolved independently and in compliance with the company’s rules, without the need to involve the Human Resources department.

As a result, at the end of each month, the attendance manager will have a significantly lower workload when putting together the final monthly timesheets.

Customize your workflow

Both clocking in/out and overtime requests are governed by our comprehensive workflow, which is highly customizable for each client.

The options you can choose from are virtually limitless, and very different parameters can be applied according to each employee’s level, their particular role, etc.

By setting simple rules, you can, for example, set up automatic approval for overtime that is less than one hour, or a requirement for double approval of overtime requests made by a specific category of employees.


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