Report the worked hours for each activity

Reporting worked hours is a requirement for many companies, one which has become even more relevant with the increase in working from home.

Thanks to Altamira’s timesheet program, each employee can record the time spent on each activity, specifying the type of activity, entering a descriptive note, specifying the status, etc.

Far from being an overbearing control system, the timesheet is a tool for organizing work and monitoring its efficiency. Recording work time means knowing the costs of each activity or project and being able to assess its profitability for the company.

Take advantage of the cloud

The Altamira timesheet replaces less interactive and practical tools by bringing all the added value of cloud-based software: customization, history tracking, information sharing, data security, usability from any device, etc.

Thus, employees will be able to report their activities in real time, whether they are in the office, traveling to a client, or working from home.

Managers will have visibility into all activities performed by team members and can create reports to use for internal purposes or to send to the end client.

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Simple to fill out, full of added value

Many timesheet software solutions have the defect of requiring so much data entry, thus ending up slowing work down more than they help improve it.

The Altamira timesheet is streamlined and easy to use, as it integrates data from the other modules of our HRM platform.

This includes personnel biographical information, project status, job evaluations, and even time stamps associated with tasks.

All of this leads to high usage rates by employees and the ability to cross-reference a very large amount of information to understand the true value of the work being done.

Give more value to HR projects

Sometimes companies need to organize their staff into teams for a project, a job order, or to follow up with a specific client.

That’s why we created HR projects, which organize specific work teams with new hierarchies, dedicated evaluation paths and a workflow to monitor the progress of the job.

Thanks to the timesheet, HR projects are enriched with new information, presented in an easy-to-use dashboard. You’ll be able to see how many hours were spent on the project and by whom, and which tasks took the most time.

These are indispensable elements for evaluating the success and profitability of a project.

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