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Quick requests and approvals

Even a seemingly simple task, such as organizing the company’s vacation plan, can take up time and create friction if not handled with the proper tools.

Our vacation app, available for Android and iOS, allows employees to submit leave requests labeled with the appropriate reason (vacation, paid leave, parental leave, etc.) in a matter of seconds, wherever they are.

Managers and HR personnel will immediately be able to approve or reject requests using the same app, minimizing delays and oversights.

Instant notifications

One of the most significant benefits of apps is that they can take advantage of smartphone push notifications to update users in real-time. This way, employees and managers will immediately be informed of new leave requests or of approvals for paid leave.

By clicking on the push notification, users can access the request panel and resolve them with the touch of a finger.

The internal notification system also keeps track of all past and unresolved activities.


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Deep as a software, easy as an App

Our vacation management app is part of the Altamira Leave Management system, a complete web platform accessible via browser from any device.

Our system allows the HR office to configure every aspect of the company account using the intuitive interface of our platform, for example, by editing the templates for each type of request (vacation, marriage leave, illness, etc.) or by customizing the approval workflows.

These configurations are seamlessly mirrored on our mobile app, a very rare feature in the HR tech sector.

Complete management of the worked hours

Thanks to the Altamira HRM app, your employees can manage every aspect of the time spent in the company. Indeed, our application is not limited to leave management but also keeps track of the worked hours.

Employees are able to quickly clock in and out of work according to company rules, for example by entering reasons, using geolocation, or relying on geofencing technology. They can also view accrued overtime and request approvals, as well as report travels, submit expense reports, and much more.

Complete time management is at your fingertip with Altamira HRM.


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