“With Altamira, we were able to proceed step by step, digitalizing one HR area at a time without overcomplicating things. Other providers only offered bundled packages that would have forced us to handle too many processes simultaneously.”

Giulia Bongi
Giulia Bongi

Human Resources & Communication

Founded in 1945 by friends Albo Albini and Alessandro Pitigliani, Albini & Pitigliani (ALPI) is an Italian company that specializes in international shipping and transportation, focusing on supply chain and logistics solutions.

Headquartered in Prato, Italy, the company has over 400 employees and operates under the mission summarized by the concept of ALPI with CARE, embodying the values of Commitment, Accountability, Relationship, and Expertise to ensure reliable and timely services and sustainable partnerships.

The HR department at Albini & Pitigliani is managed by Giulia Bongi and Daniela Festa, who oversee recruitment and training activities, alongside two other colleagues responsible for more administrative tasks such as attendance management and contract administration.

The Challenge

Initiated in 2018, ALPI’s HR digital transformation aimed to enhance the efficiency of its recruitment and employee administration processes in response to rapid company growth.

The first pressing need identified by the HR department was to replace the manual management of the recruitment process, which had become increasingly complex due to the company’s extensive CV database.

Secondly, there was a need to create a single, organized database to consolidate employee data, documents, and training records, enabling quicker response times to colleagues’ requests.

The final challenge, tackled in 2020, was to streamline the system for vacation requests and approvals, a priority for improving the company’s employee experience.

The Solution

Choosing a technology partner to digitalize these processes followed a thorough evaluation of leading HR platforms on the market.

Eventually, ALPI selected Altamira for three primary reasons: ease of use, customization capability, and comprehensiveness.

Among the platforms evaluated, Altamira emerged as the most intuitive, a critical factor considering it would be utilized by users unaccustomed to such solutions.

The ALPI team extensively leveraged its robust customization capability both during Altamira’s initial configuration as well as independently, allowing for seamless tailoring to the company’s unique requirements.

“We utilize the platform daily for all our tasks, and its customization to our specific needs significantly impacts our operations. For instance, we’ve been able to implement notifications for crucial deadlines and regularly access up-to-date data.”

Lastly, what made the difference was the ability to access a comprehensive yet flexible HRM solution. Other platforms only covered specific processes or required immediate purchase of multiple products, while ALPI’s HR team preferred a phased approach.

“One of Altamira’s key strengths is its data completeness. It allows us to acquire a full view of employees’ journeys within the company, from their entry to their exit, and access a detailed summary of their information, including training and salary histories.”

Daniela Festa
Daniela Festa

Human Resources & Communication

Digitalizing Recruitment

The initial focus was on evaluating ATS (Applicant Tracking System) offerings for the digitalization of the recruitment processes.

Although some competitors provided features unavailable in Altamira, the HR team at Albini & Pitigliani considered these unnecessary and cumbersome for their daily operations.

Altamira Recruiting proved its merit by offering a straightforward platform that could be customized to meet specific needs, such as modifying the hiring workflow. The platform also allowed for managing current employees through the same interface.

Personal Records and Training

Candidates hired through Altamira are directly integrated into ALPI’s employee database, a highly customized environment that displays all necessary information, such as personal data, documents, salary history, training paths, and completed courses.

Through Altamira, Albini & Pitigliani also implemented tracking for mandatory training, although with some initial difficulties.

“This was the only project on which we experienced some management delays from the Altamira teams despite having provided all the necessary information. Nevertheless, the situation improved over time, and we have consistently received prompt and contextualized responses ever since. Ticket management has also improved over the years.”

Supporting Internal Mobility

The ability to customize forms and fields has allowed ALPI to use Altamira to also support internal mobility.

Employees are categorized not only by role but also by the international routes and macro areas they handle. The system categorizes and tracks each employee’s history automatically. This simplifies internal mobility management, for example, by suggesting that an employee currently responsible for the German and Polish markets switch to managing shipments for Spain and Portugal.

ALPI thus supports employees in their continuous development, enabling them to explore new aspects of their work and engage with different environments.

Transparency and Consistency in Leave Management

The latest challenge in digitalization, addressed in 2020, focused on improving the leave management process. Traditional management methods, such as using emails and Excel sheets, were inefficient and led to numerous issues, including:

  • Excessive email exchanges that were time-consuming and challenging to track;
  • Frequent requests to the HR office for updates on leave balances and approvals;
  • The inability to effectively track data.

The adoption of Altamira Leave Management significantly reduced the number of email exchanges while allowing for the tracking of every request and approval.

Additionally, static and dynamic reports were established, enabling the HR office to view the leave balances of all employees in real time without waiting for monthly data imports. With Altamira, employees can also access information about their leave balance for the year or at the end of their contracts, as well as their scheduled, accrued, and taken leave straight from their homepage, significantly reducing the need for continuous HR inquiries.

“We have employees of all ages, and for some, adopting new technologies is more challenging than for others. However, even they found Altamira easy and intuitive to use.”

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