“We are very pleased to have Altamira as our partner for digitizing HR processes. Thanks to Altamira Leave Management we now save an enormous amount of time when managing leave and we can easily monitor the holiday calendar for the whole company. With the launch of Altamira Performance, we will also be able to manage performance assessments, all from the same platform.”

Alice Di Diego
Alice Di Diego

Managing Partner with Ambrosiana Advisory

B Human is a system integrator based in Milan that has been providing web services and digital solutions to other companies for over twenty years helping them to choose and implement the right technologies. It was founded in 1997 and has been part of the Ambrosiana Advisory Group since 2008.

The Challenge

Initially, due to company size B Human did not have a dedicated HR employee but in 2015 they decided to start a process of innovation to organize staff activity more efficiently. Leading this change is Alice Di Diego, managing partner of Ambrosiana Advisory, on the strength of the skills she acquired attending the Master in HR Management at the MIP Politecnico di Milano (Institute of Technology).

“It is essential that B Human, a company that offers IT services and consultancy to its clients, can benefit from a technology that facilitates and improves processes.”

Before 2015, all administrative duties were handled manually and standard time sheets were used to keep records of attendance. Absences, on the other hand, were requested and approved via email and shared electronic calendars. This procedure was time consuming for employees, especially the office manager and administration, who had to doublecheck such requests. Moreover, this method did not give management any comprehensive visibility dashboards or statistics to give an overview of the situation.

The Solution

Alice, who was advised by one of her Master’s colleagues and impressed with the product presentation, decided to switch to Altamira software which is designed for absence management.

The platform is extremely flexible and faithfully follows the company’s organizational chart, giving to each project manager the responsibility of approving requests from members of their own team. The simple and intuitive interface will help to cope with staff changes and tasks in just a few clicks, ensuring that requests are always directed to the appropriate member of staff.

“Altamira Leave Management aims to optimize authorisation procedures and leave of absences. The interface is easy to use and very user-friendly. The availability of data stored in the cloud is essential in monitoring and analysing the situation in its entirety and the reports are convenient when processing payrolls.”

The software is cloud-based and is therefore accessible from anywhere and any device. It automatically stores all data, showing every employee a convenient dashboard with all their details. The same dashboard keeps managers informed with an overview of their team.

Requests and approvals are processed within seconds, even from smartphones, and the risk of lost requests will be eliminated. “As an approver, I do everything from my smartphone. Thanks to email notifications, I can stay on top of my requests without having to log into the platform.”

All information can be organized into custom reports that give insights and valuable statistics, providing a monitoring tool like you have never seen it before. The reports, available by default, are particularly useful to the company’s employment consultant. “Every month, the administration exports the report of approved absences and sends it to the employment consultant, together with attendance records to process payrolls.”

The Next Challenge: Digitising Performance Management

B Human’s HR digitization is all about going beyond contract and payrolls. Alice Di Diego, who recently completed a People Management course with HR consultant Marilisa Mele, chose Altamira to introduce a digital employee evaluation system. “We have developed a strategy that includes HR software support in all areas, such as recruitment and performance management, and we introduced this new system to all employees at one of our internal meetings.”

“We opted for Altamira Performance because we believe it is a very useful tool to optimize the employee review process. The Cloud stores all data related to a person, including graphs and a periodic review that assesses the trend of skills and behaviour, and strengthens the concept of organization even for employees who are less present in the company.”

The new digital performance management system will be used to assess the employees’ skills and behaviour on an annual basis (mid-year review is also available) and will be a valuable tool for maximizing employee engagement and contribution to the company, future goals and the results obtained on an annual basis. “We hope it will help our employees better schedule their activities and understand what their performance has been, relative to expectations.”

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