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Easy and transparent attendance management!

Why choose Altamira Attendance

“With Altamira Attendance, we have brought the full immediacy and innovativeness of our cloud-based HR technology into a field that has traditionally been obscure for end users. The result is an attendance monitoring software that is both easy to use for all your employees and packed full of functionality for your Human Resources department.”

photo Marco Crespi Marco Crespi, CEO of Altamira


Simplicity and immediacy for your personnel

With Altamira Attendance, all your employees will have individual access to a modern and interactive cloud-based platform, which will offer them only the information that they actually need.
It is easy and fast to see clock-in and clock-out times, request the correction of an anomaly or request extra hours worked to be classified as overtime, add them to working time accounts, etc. Moreover, it is equally simple and fast for those in a management role to approve or reject requests.

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In-depth features and full control for your HR department

Attendance monitoring is a continuously evolving field, and one that is subject to complex regulations. That is why we have developed a flexible platform that can be configured to perfection in terms of work schedules, shifts, types of contracts and different use cases for our clients. The person in charge of attendance monitoring will have all the functionality they need at their fingertips, with a clear interface that is focused on the essentials and is aimed at simplifying their tasks and increasing their speed.

Advanced control features through notifications and reports

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Advantages of our attendance management software

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Clock in wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet

With our attendance management software, it is not necessary to be physically present at the company’s office in order to clock in. Thanks to the fully responsive design of our platform, its cloud-based availability and its geolocation system, all employees will be able to clock in remotely, wherever they are located. With just a smartphone, they will be able to register the start and end of their working day with the virtual clock-in system.

Easily resolve any anomalies

Usually the management of anomalies is entrusted to one person within the company, who has to deal with a large workload. Our attendance management system allows individual employees and their managers to identify and resolve most anomalies independently, resulting in a significant reduction in the time spent by the HR department.

Unleash its potential with the Altamira HR suite

Attendance management is just the first step in the task of managing employees. Integrate our attendance management software with the other products from our suite and you will be able to enjoy a unified platform through which you can manage and develop every aspect of your human capital. Publish new job openings and analyze the applicants’ CVs, store the documents from your employees’ files and organize company-level training courses as well as performance assessments using one unified interface.

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Manage every detail with simplicity

No matter how complex the structure of the working hours and shifts is at your company, it’s not a problem. Thanks to Altamira Attendance, you can easily implement your company’s rules regarding allowances, rounding and lateness, take into account multiple locations, rest times and overtime, and implement unique attendance timestamps, breaks, flexible working hours, etc.

Take advantage of the power of workflow

Our workflow regulates the management of clocking in/out and anomalies, as well as the approval of overtime and the structuring of the working days, in a more or less transparent manner for the user, as required. This highly flexible tool eliminates the risk of oversights and ensures that it will always be possible to correct errors and customize processes according to the specific needs of businesses of all sizes.

Quickly output all the documents you need

Using our attendance management software you can easily produce key documents and reports, such as timesheets with the number and type of hours worked, attendance sheets, reports of hours worked by the cost center, etc.

Compile and print out all the reports you need

All the data stored by our attendance management software can easily be organized into ready-made reports. You will find some predefined reports already configured for you by our staff, others you can configure independently, according to your specific requirements.

Avoid license, maintenance and update fees

Altamira Attendance is a cloud-based software solution, and thus offers a number of unique advantages. It does not require the purchase of a license, it does not require maintenance and it is updated automatically without the need for any work on your part. This results in significant savings in both time and money, and offers you the certainty of paying only a fixed fee, monthly or annual.

Ready to connect to your payroll software out-of-the-box

It is essential for an attendance monitoring system to be able to export stored data quickly and accurately to the payroll software used by the company. Ours is an “open” solution, able to interface seamlessly with the widest range of available payroll systems, including all the major players on the market.

Manage absences as well within one unified system

Double the effectiveness of Altamira Attendance by linking it up with Altamira Leave Management, our absence management software. Your employees will be able to send their requests for a leave of absence in just a few clicks, and their managers will be able to accept or deny the requests just as easily.

Create an integrated ecosystem thanks to the Altamira API

We believe that HR management is an integral part of a company’s business, which is why we have created an open platform that is ready to integrate with the applications you’re already using. Thanks to our API (Application Programming Interface), which offers both data reading and writing functionality, your coders can develop sophisticated processes of data exchange, giving you total control over the information and processes of your business. Just like the platform itself, the API is customizable according to your needs.


Altamira Attendance
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