Altamira Workflow

Digitalize processes with Altamira Workflows

Altamira HRM is also a Workflow Management System that allows users to digitalize and automate all kinds of HR processes, replicating them in detail.

Our highly flexible workflows, integrated with the most popular electronic calendars, allow clients to set outcomes, predict notifications, build approval workflows and automate most repetitive tasks. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to structure collaborative processes that automatically involve different business areas.

Our workflows handle all kinds of HR processes, from selection to onboarding, from absence management to performance evaluation.

Take advantage of Single Sign-On

Thanks to the Single Sign-on (SS0) authentication system, you’ll no longer need to create, maintain and dispose of credentials for each user.

With SSO, users will be able to access the platform with the authentication system already in use within the company, such as Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Google Workspace, or any SAML 2.0.

Single Sign-On revolutionizes the user experience, reduces account management workload, and increases GDPR security and compliance as it relies on the high standards provided by leading authentication systems.

Exchange data with files, APIs and Webhooks

Altamira provides a complete API (Application Programming Interface) to access and compile the data collected on the platform. Unlike others, the Altamira HRM API is dynamic and can be modified by customers according to their specific needs.

At the same time, our Webhook system lets you make calls outside other systems’ APIs, allowing for real-time updates. Webhooks can be activated during the workflow phase or while saving data, for example, by creating a candidate’s profile on the payroll software when hired through Altamira Recruiting.

Our data interchange toolbox is complemented by a powerful flat file import and export engine that allows integration with legacy management systems that don’t support APIs. These integrations are dynamic as well, allowing customers to tailor the formats to their specific needs with custom mappings.

All those functions make it possible to build highly advanced scenarios in which Altamira acts as a centralized repository for Human Resources integrated with any other company management system.

Altamira API

Go above and beyond with the Scripting Engine

To serve companies with highly complex customization needs, we have added an internal scripting engine that allows users to modify usual behaviors by writing code in JavaScript.

The creation of custom scripts can be carried out independently by the client or commissioned to our consultants and developers.

This feature, usually exclusive to complex business management systems such as ERPs, makes Altamira HRM an exception in the HR management software world.