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“Altamira Employees allowed us to centralize human resources data reducing paperwork and errors. With just a few clicks and in real time we have all the information we need.”

Simone Di Rienzo
Simone Di Rienzo, HR Project Manager at Italfondiario
Altamira Employee

Manage all employee information

Our HR management software organizes employees’ information and documents into fully customizable personal tabs. This system allows companies to collect all their data into one database that is easy to browse and organize thanks to our intuitive interface.

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Automate HR processes with our workflows

Altamira’s workflows allow the digitalization of all HR processes, from equipment allocation (PPE and benefits) to document collection during onboarding. Our software will increase the efficiency of your operation by allowing you to set up automations, exchange data with other business management systems, send out push notifications, generate documents, and much more.

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The advantages of our Employee
Management Software

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Autonomy and transparency with the employee portal

Altamira Employees is also an employee portal that is easily accessible for all colleagues, from any device. Within this portal, each employee can view, organize and update their information and view communications from the company on the virtual bulletin board.

Switch to digital document management

Take full advantage of our employee management software to exchange and store digital paperwork. When it comes to HR documents, going paperless presents a variety of benefits: files are easier to organize and locate, notifications can be set up to facilitate deadline compliance, and employees can access and update records remotely.

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Analyse and report the data of your employees

Analysing your employees data starting from a set of spreadsheets makes it difficult, time consuming and error prone. Altamira’s HR software comes with a rich library of pre-built reports and allows you to build any additional report you may wish.

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Keep track of tasks with dedicated timesheets and work teams

Thanks to our employee management software, you can stay on top of projects by reorganizing the team’s hierarchies and the tasks assigned to each member. Our platform even allows the generation of a dedicated organizational chart. This way, employees can keep track of the time spent on each task and link it to a specific project.

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Build org charts automatically

Maintaining organizational charts manually is time consuming and error prone. Altamira’s Human Resources software dynamically generates the organizational charts you need with a customizable graphic layout.

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Simplify documents and contracts signing

Altamira’s workflows are integrated with the leading electronic signature providers, allowing users to exchange and sign contracts, letters, and other documents effortlessly. The support of e-signature is an essential feature to promote hybrid and remote work that also speeds up processes and reduces paper consumption.


Track medical examinations and disciplinary measures

With our employee management software, you can also track and communicate medical examinations and disciplinary measures in an efficient manner. You’ll also be able to monitor the deadline for regular medical visits for work and send a notification in real time if anyone has been subject to a disciplinary action.

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Quickly find the information that you need

An advanced search and filtering system allows you to rapidly consult the staff database, including attachments! You can do multiple searches by specifying a number of parameters and save the ones you need most frequently so you can re-use them with a single click!

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Be notified for important deadlines

HR Department must continuously track a large number of deadlines and processes. Altamira Employees will send you email notifications reminding you of critical deadlines. It will also advice employees in the next step they need to take in the process they are involved in.


Secure your data the way you want

Onsite Human Resources software makes critical data available to internal IT staff. Altamira Employees, instead, is securely housed in one of the world leading data centre ensuring that data access rules are always enforced.


Know your workforces strengths

Do you know if your workforce lacks competencies they need? Altamira Employees lets you view the strengths and weaknesses of your employees allowing you to take action quickly to enhance their abilities.

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Create an integrated ecosystem thanks to the Altamira API

We believe that HR management is an integral part of a company’s business, which is why we have created an open platform that is ready to integrate with the applications you’re already using. Thanks to our API (Application Programming Interface), which offers both data reading and writing functionality, your coders can develop sophisticated processes of data exchange, giving you total control over the information and processes of your business. Just like the platform itself, the API is customizable according to your needs.

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Import and export all the data you want

Easily export and import personal data and documents to and from the employee database, using the most common formats: Excel, CSV, XML etc.
In this way, you can populate the personnel database at any time with your archived material and extract the information you need.
Perfect for integrating with your payroll software and importing the pay slips!


Altamira Employees

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