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Why choose Altamira Learning

“With Altamira’s Learning Management Systen we can organize training plans, track courses attended by employees and receive notifications that help us meet mandatory training deadlines.”

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Giulia Bongi, Human Resources & Communication at ALPI
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Set up online and face-to-face courses

Take advantage of our LMS’s rich user interface to manage your courses in detail, optimizing content and delivery as well as cost efficiency. Training programs can be delivered on-demand through video, audio, and text materials, as well as through blended or face-to-face learning.

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Structure your company’s training plan

The tools provided with our LMS allow users to structure their company’s training plan into courses and programs, and to set up course calendars that automatically send event notifications to employees. The platform is structured so that each subsequent event can inherit the settings of the previous one, greatly reducing the admin’s workload. In addition, employees can enroll independently using the virtual catalog.

Organize the training plan in detail

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Advantages of our learning management system

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Develop staff skills

Our corporate training software enables you to link each training course with a list of competencies acquired by anyone successfully completing the training. This will help you develop the skills of your employees through training and fill any gaps in the company.

Fulfill mandatory training requirements

Thanks to our training management software, you can be sure that all the mandatory training courses that your company must provide to meet its legal obligations have been completed.

Allocate and monitor the training budget

Allocate the annual budget for corporate training and always keep spending under control. Identify the cost for each edition of a course and keep track of funded courses. Create reports that calculate the cost of training per employee, the cost per business area, the total amount of funding, etc.

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Gather feedback from attendants

Collect feedback on the quality of your training courses by sending attendants assessment surveys. Their response will provide precious insights to identify shortcomings and invest in the most appreciated content, further enhancing your company’s training offer. It will also optimize the return on investment and improve employee involvement.


Track attendance and results

With our learning management software you can assess the level of participation in training by managers and employees. You can keep track of attendance at each lesson of a course and make use of this data during the planning and evaluation stages. Lessons and courses may include tests and examinations, the results of which are automatically tracked by the platform.

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Certify participation in the courses

Provide certification regarding the participation of your employees in courses, issuing the appropriate personalized certificates for your business. You can also output the full training curriculum for every employee, listing all the training activities carried out, the courses attended and the skills acquired through the years.


Involve teachers and trainers

Our training platform allows companies to grant custom access to instructors. Being able to delegate several administrative tasks – such as enrollment approvals, content uploads, lesson planning, and attendance tracking – dramatically reduces the HR office’s workload.

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Track training KPIS

Gather concrete data on the company’s internal training activity. Insights such as the number and level of skills acquired, cost per employee, participation rate, and course quality ratings help companies estimate the effectiveness of their training programs.


Plan out the corporate training for every role

Thanks to the mapping of employee competences and the automatic association between particular roles and training courses, you can always have qualified people in every position on the organizational chart. When an employee’s role changes, the platform checks whether they need to complete any particular courses associated with their new role.


Integrate it with the other Altamira modules

Integrate the management of corporate training with other HR processes by using a single digital platform. In this way, you can take advantage of having the full records for the whole company, link training courses with onboarding paths and employee evaluations, create reports that cross-reference an enormous amount of relevant data, etc.

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Create an integrated ecosystem thanks to the Altamira API

We believe that HR management is an integral part of a company’s business, which is why we have created an open platform that is ready to integrate with the applications you’re already using. Thanks to our API (Application Programming Interface), which offers both data reading and writing functionality, your coders can develop sophisticated processes of data exchange, giving you total control over the information and processes of your business. Just like the platform itself, the API is customizable according to your needs.


Altamira Learning

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