“Altamira’s strength is its flexibility, paired with the ability to provide vital guidelines for structuring the HR department and the company, facilitating its operations.”

Stefano Marcenaro
Stefano Marcenaro

HR Generalist

EdiliziAcrobatica is a leading Italian company specializing in twin-rope systems for the construction industry. Their innovative safety technology allows builders to renovate, secure, and restore structures without the support of scaffolding or aerial platforms.

With over 120 showrooms in Italy, France, Spain, and the Principality of Monaco, EdiliziAcrobatica is a fast-growing company aiming to export its highly sustainable technique worldwide.

The Challenge

The company’s rapid growth, which brought along a staff of almost 1600 units in just a few years, made it increasingly challenging for the organization to maintain proximity to its employees.

It was time for a change of mindset, one that could be embraced by all employees and take advantage of digitalization to simplify everyday tasks.

Therefore, the company decided to embark on a global process of HR digital transformation. The project involved the entire HR team as well as Stefano Marcenaro, who, after working in the payroll and administration office, is today the reference point for the Digital HR project.

A key element of this undertaking was choosing the correct technology partner. It was the first time the company embarked on a project of this kind, and the software selection was perceived as complex.

The Solution

After thoroughly scouting the HR technology market, EdiliziAcrobatica chose Altamira as a partner for HR digitalization.

The winning point was the platform’s nature, capable of helping the HR office with employee management while facilitating employee experience within the company. The software’s flexibility, as well as its ability to support the company’s growth and increasingly complex needs, were also appreciated.

With Altamira on their side, EdiliziAcrobatica decided to progressively digitalize a series of processes, starting with employees’ records and documents, the selection and hiring processes, attendance monitoring, and employee evaluation.

As it was the company’s first experience with employee management technology, the suggestion was to initially use the platform internally – as department software – to learn its features and understand how to fully exploit it to improve the work and experience of their staff.

From centralized to self-service

The company’s ultimate goal is to gradually shift to a self-service management system.

The process has already started: hiring managers are adopting the recruiting platform to contribute to the selection processes, managers use it to organize teams’ resources, while employees are taking full advantage of Altamira’s leave management system to request vacations and PTO.

In the future, all processes – from evaluations to attendance tracking – will be managed online by the employees through the Altamira HRM app. Smartphones are indeed the most convenient tools for workers out on the field.

“We are making our HR processes self-service following the Altamira HRM app’s growth. Being able to use their smartphone is a game changer for our workers out on construction sites, as it’s often the only device available to them.”

Benefits and features

The HR department at EdiliziAcrobatica pointed out several advantages following the introduction of the Altamira HRM platform, such as:

  1. Building corporate memory. Once based on human recollection, corporate memory is now created through software capable of automatically tracking information, documents, and changes.
  2. Formalization of workflow processes. The platform’s digital workflows – fully customizable to the company’s needs – provide valuable guidelines to improve efficiency and guide employees.
  3. “I’m still amazed at how easy it is to digitalize a process with Altamira’s workflows.”

  4. Constant improvement. Having structured a series of processes creates opportunities for improvement and new implementation to accompany the company’s growth, while increasing employee autonomy and satisfaction.
  5. Reporting. The ability to create ad hoc reports based on changing needs.

The HR teams also enjoyed Altamira’s multi-posting system that allows rapid dissemination of vacancies, the reporting engine to freely aggregate and analyze data, and, once again, the customizable workflows.

Configuration and support

As with all companies that choose to adopt the Altamira HR platform, EdiliziAcrobatica was supported by an application consultant.

Although this was the company’s first experience with HRM software, the proximity and competence of this figure allowed for the rapid implementation of this ambitious project.

“Running the right data imports from the get-go is a huge advantage.”

Stefano was delighted with the commercial and assistance services, feeling like he was working alongside Altamira in creating a system fully aimed at increasing employee satisfaction.

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