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Why choose Altamira Performance

“We opted for Altamira Performance because we believe it is a very useful tool to optimize the employee review process. The Cloud stores all data related to a person, including graphs and a periodic review that assesses the trend of skills and behaviour, and strengthens the concept of organization even for employees who are less present in the company.”

alice di diego Alice Di Diego, Managing Partner with Ambrosiana Advisory


Digitize the staff appraisal process

Manage skills and performance evaluation as well as goal setting in a single integrated environment, delegating the lion’s share of the work to managers and employees. Switching from systems based on hard copies, complex Excel spreadsheets or Access databases will bring you immediate returns in terms of efficiency!

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Create and manage competency mapping

With our staff appraisal software, creating a skills matrix for your firm is child’s play.
You will have a complete overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s human capital and will be ready to take prompt action to address any critical issues that may arise.

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Recreate and customize your evaluation processes

Many companies already have a tried and tested mechanism and an existing employee evaluation template and desire simply to transfer this to an interactive, digital environment. This is why our skill assessment software is highly customizable, allowing you to recreate the processes and evaluation templates of your choice.

Set up your performance management process

Take advantage of the convenience it offers

Skills assessment is often only undertaken by large corporations, either because it calls for many hours of work or because this kind of software is often very expensive. If you work in a small or medium business, you too can enjoy the benefit of this process by adopting our inexpensive and flexible staff appraisal software!

Share ratings and encourage self-assessment

Most performance and skills evaluation processes fail because of opposition from employees, who think they are being judged and don’t feel very involved. Empower managers and employees by giving them the opportunity to evaluate and be evaluated using an interactive performance management software. You will also reduce your workload at the same time!

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Secure critical performance data

Performance evaluations contain top management’s objectives and assessments. Altamira’s employee appraisal software provides an environment where data of this sensitivity is protected from inside and outside the organization.

Discover and fill skills gaps

With Altamira Performance it is easy to identify employee skills gaps that are making your business inefficient. This way, you can step in to fill gaps, for example, by designing a targeted training plan or hiring new staff.

Define goals clearly

Enable managers and employees to define goals clearly. Transform the definition of goals into a collaborative effort that takes place entirely on line and allow participants to make changes to goals if initial conditions change.

Keep assessments on track

Employees and their managers have pressing schedules and little time for assessments. Altamira’s performance appraisal software notifies participants when it is their turn to interact with the process. This ease of use ensures high levels of adoption.

Make use of reports and final overviews

Our employee evaluation software gives you the results of the performance management program in an easy-to-read format. On the one hand, it summarizes the final evaluation of an employee into a single rating. On the other hand, thanks to the many reports available, including those that you create yourself, it provides you with information, statistics and trends relating to all your staff.

Get total support for your business

Our HR assessment tools are backed-up by a first-class support service. You will have at your continuous disposal two key focal points in the company (one technical and one commercial) and you can also count on our top-rate Service Level Agreement!


Altamira Performance
Our offer includes our renown customer service and exceptional service level agreement of 99.99% of uptime.




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