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Security at the heart of it all

For a cloud-based platform like Altamira, it is crucial that security should be placed at the center of our strategy for product development and service delivery.

In fact, the trustworthiness of a customized IT solution such as ours is determined by the strength of its weakest link. This is why we invest in security at all levels, both in terms of technology and training.

For the same reason, the Altamira HRM suite consists exclusively of modules we have developed internally, and does not rely on external products for which we could not guarantee the same standard of trust.

Procedures and expertise

Technology alone is not enough to keep your data safe: the care and attention of our staff are also indispensable.

Trained in security on an ongoing basis, our staff follows procedures inspired by the best practices of our industry and which are the result of the expertise we have accumulated in our 20 years of activity in this field. A few examples: we never communicate keys or passwords in plaintext, we have strict rules for the reaccreditation of credentials when there are changes in a company, we never exchange personal information through e-mail, we track all customer requests, and we are familiar with the risks of social engineering.

We believe that such a high level of attention paid to the human side of security is critical for an organization like ours, entrusted with millions of items of personal and sensitive data.

Availability, backup and
disaster recovery

Altamira’s high availability is guaranteed both by our IaaS provider and by the way we have structured the services we have built on their framework. The regular system maintenance cycles are carried out without any interruption in service.

To offer the highest level of service, Altamira has also implemented a Disaster Recovery (DR) process, using a different IaaS provider in combination with an on-premises architecture. The procedure involves the existence of a copy of the entire database stored at a different IaaS provider or on the on-premises architecture, which is updated every hour and which would allow us to restart the service in the event of a catastrophic failure of the primary site.

Our backup strategy is equally crucial, which requires all data to be transferred to another medium every hour (for data stored in the database) and every 12 hours (for data stored in the file system). Our backup storage media are encrypted.


Altamira has chosen to implement its platform on the Microsoft Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). This solution, which is the standard for many major international companies, allows us to focus on our core business of software development, and at the same time achieve a superior level of service compared to companies that operate their own physical infrastructure by themselves.

To find out more about the data protection and security technology used by Microsoft Azure, please see the section of their official website devoted to these topics.

Altamira manages its structured logical network directly, using virtual servers created on the infrastructure of the IaaS provider. The servers and equipment are configured by specialized personnel with the requisite experience, following the best practices of the manufacturers of the operating systems or applications used, and are regularly updated with the official patches.