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Category Archives: Human Resources Articles

5 concrete signs to identify a dissatisfied employee

dipendente scontento

We have talked before about employee retention and about all the mistakes that a company must avoid if it wants to hold on to its wealth of human resources.

However, no matter how much effort a company makes in this regard, it is inevitable that sooner or later, an unhappy employee will begin to consider the possibility of finding another job. In such cases, the only way to retain a valuable human resource is to catch the signs of their discontent in time, and take action as soon as possible to solve the problems that are pushing them towards leaving the company.

At first glance, the best signs that allow us to know that an employee is unsatisfied are behavioral ones.

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Onboarding: 10 tips for a perfect orientation


Onboarding is the set of procedures and initiatives set up by a company to guide the process of integration for a new employee.

This procedure has a decisive influence on the future of the new employee. The first few weeks are precisely the time during which they are most likely to question whether they made the right decision. A bad experience at this stage can undermine not only their relationship with the company, but also their commitment and level of engagement.

Thus, onboarding is a highly sensitive stage—but not only. It is also an exciting time, when the newcomer discovers if their expectations match up with reality and whether they will be able to achieve their full potential in the new context.

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How up-to-date is your recruitment strategy? Take this quiz!

banner for recruitment strategy quiz infographic

So you think your company’s search and selection processes are cutting edge? Do you have in-depth knowledge of concepts such as employer branding, social recruiting, gamification etc.? Do you make use of all possible channels and strategies to find and attract the best candidates?

Get ready to test your search and selection strategy with this infographic and find out how modern it is.

Answer all the questions, calculate the final score and check which category applies.

Have fun!

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The employee evaluation form: from paper to digital

scheda di valutazione del personale

Many companies — from multinationals to SMEs — make use of a performance management system, which has historically taken the form of employee evaluation forms.

With a quick online search, you can find a large number of samples of employee assessment forms ready to use. However, it is not a good idea to limit yourself to just downloading one of these for your company.

In order for such a document to be effective, its structure must be the result of a previous work of analysis that needs to answer some fundamental questions, including:

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21 soft skills every employee should have

soft skills

During both the selection of job candidates and the evaluation of employees, in addition to job-specific skills and technical knowledge, the HR office also evaluates and tracks the so-called soft skills, also called core skills or transversal skills.

These are certain “attitude traits” that make an employee — whatever their particular role — a good resource for any company, and which, accordingly, should be cultivated and developed on a day-to-day basis.

But which are these soft skills that have such a great importance?

This is a wide and diverse field of study, and a full list could go on almost indefinitely. We believe that we have identified 21 such soft skills that are crucial in any field of work.

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