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Category Archives: Human Resources Articles

14 Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Increase Your Employee Retention

retention dei dipendenti

Your company has a very high turnover rate and this is causing problems for your business?

A high rate of staff turnover is a bit like having a fever. It’s not a disease in itself, but a symptom of one, a clue that something in the “body” of the company is not working properly.

Most often, the ultimate cause behind a high turnover rate is an error in your strategy for the selection and retention of your staff.

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The dominant HR trends for 2019: an analysis of 11 articles

trend HR 2019

For the Human Resources professional, there are many unmistakable signs that Christmas is coming: Christmas carols are playing in all supermarkets, lights go up in the city centers and, most tellingly, dozens of articles pop up about the HR trends for the coming year.

To make some sense out of this jumble of competing voices, we have decided to analyze the information published in the most influential outlets and offer you a comprehensive summary.

Below you will find the most prominent HR trends for 2019, according to the predictions made in the 11 articles we have analyzed, presented in order of popularity. Next to the each trend, we have noted in brackets the number of individual articles that mention it.

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6 Features to Look for in Your New Attendance Monitoring Software

software rilevazione presenze

When a company grows to more than 15 employees, it is almost inevitable that it will decide to start using an attendance management software, in order to simplify actions that would require too much in terms of resources if done with nothing more than the traditional attendance records.

So, no more Excel sheets. Instead, you need a digital system tied to the use of virtual badges and virtual clock-in and clock-out by employees.

For those who will be using such solutions for the first time, finding the right software for their needs might be a more complex task than they expected. The sheer variety of options available can be perplexing.

If this is your case, we recommend focusing on certain features that we believe to be fundamental for a modern attendance management software nowadays.

We have identified 6 features of crucial importance.

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5 concrete signs to identify a dissatisfied employee

dipendente scontento

We have talked before about employee retention and about all the mistakes that a company must avoid if it wants to hold on to its wealth of human resources.

However, no matter how much effort a company makes in this regard, it is inevitable that sooner or later, an unhappy employee will begin to consider the possibility of finding another job. In such cases, the only way to retain a valuable human resource is to catch the signs of their discontent in time, and take action as soon as possible to solve the problems that are pushing them towards leaving the company.

At first glance, the best signs that allow us to know that an employee is unsatisfied are behavioral ones.

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Onboarding: 10 tips for a perfect orientation


Onboarding is the set of procedures and initiatives set up by a company to guide the process of integration for a new employee.

This procedure has a decisive influence on the future of the new employee. The first few weeks are precisely the time during which they are most likely to question whether they made the right decision. A bad experience at this stage can undermine not only their relationship with the company, but also their commitment and level of engagement.

Thus, onboarding is a highly sensitive stage—but not only. It is also an exciting time, when the newcomer discovers if their expectations match up with reality and whether they will be able to achieve their full potential in the new context.

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