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Why choose Altamira Recruiting
“Altamira Recruiting is an Internet-based recruitment software (SaaS) that allows you to manage the entire recruiting process. It is designed for companies of any size and any industry.
With Altamira Recruiting you get a professional career site and a pre-configured environment ready to go. But when you need advanced features and customization the platform delivers.”
Marco Crespi | CEO

Build your CV database the way you want

Email and other recruiting tools make it difficult to classify and find CVs. Altamira Recruiting gives you unmatched full text searching and allows you to choose and create the fields you need.

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Customize everything

You need the software you use to reflect the way your organization works. With Altamira’s recruitment solutions you can customize everything: create new fields, define you own lists, choose form layouts, build your own email templates, design the perfect career site, implement your own reports and workflows and much more.

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Altamira Recruiting

  • Fully featured
  • Professional career site
  • Millions of CVs managed and 99.95% uptime
  • Job board and search engine integration

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No more CVs by email

Receiving thousands of CVs by email is tiresome, time consuming and error prone. Altamira Recruiting frees your email and allows you to organize recruitment efficiently.

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Automatically match candidates to job requirements

When you receive hundreds of applications for a vacancy you need to be able to screen quickly. Altamira’s recruiting software ranks candidates according to the criteria you specify allowing you to concentrate on the best candidates.

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Show candidates you care

Bad corporate career sites give candidates a bad impression and lower the redemption. Altamira Recruiting comes with a professionally designed, fully customizable career site.

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Bring Your Human Resources to the next step!

Post your vacancies on job search engines free

Companies that do not have strong brand have few visitors to their career sites. Altamira Recruiting is connected with leading job search engines that will display your vacancies for free giving you an audience of millions of candidates.

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Involve your line managers

Managers are busy: they forget logins and how to use rich platforms. With Altamira Recruiting recruiters can involve line managers directly by email, keeping track of their evaluations and comments. Best of all, it’s free!

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Own your data

When you use an online software as a service provider you need to be certain that you can download your data at any time. With Altamira’s online recruiting software you can download your data at any moment using several industry standard formats.

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Analyse and report your recruiting activity

How many candidates have we interviewed? How many applications do we receive per month? What are our best sources of applicants? Altamira’s online recruitment software comes with a rich library of pre-built reports and allows you to build any additional report you may wish.

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Communicate with candidates

Candidates perceive poor communication regarding their application as a major problem and are left with a bad impression of your organization. Altamira Recruiting makes it easy to let candidates know how their application is doing.

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Use your calendar

SaaS platforms are rarely connected with your electronic calendar. Altamira’s recruiting software integrates with leading systems (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail etc.) so that your interviews and reminders are where you need them.

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Take advantage of social networking

Social Networks are a powerful recruitment tool unused by many organizations. Altamira Recruiting provides a deep integration with social networks optimizing this sourcing potential.

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Get additional information from candidates

Best practice requires online application forms to be short but when you interview candidates you need detailed information. Altamira Recruiting allows you to send candidates requests for additional information that they can fill in either at home or onsite before the interview.

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Altamira Recruiting
All versions include our renown customer service and exceptional service level agreement of 99.95% of uptime.


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