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Why choose Altamira Learning

“A Learning Management System that handles the training process in a simple and intuitive way and allows you to communicate training details to employees easily. As with all other Altamira HRM processes there is a high level of interactivity with HR departments, employees and managers cooperating on the platform.”

John Martelli, Managing Director of Altamira

Course Management

Make use of a rich interface to define courses in detail both from a cost perspective and a deployment perspective Altamira Learning Management organizes training courses in a structured way whilst maintaining an easy setup.

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Attendance and grades

Track attendance to training courses and manage examinations. For each lesson of a course you can track attendance. If the lesson requires an exam or a test, you can track the outcome of these tests.

Organize every detail of the training plan

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Decide whether you wish HR staff to handle enrolment, delegate line managers or allow employees to self-enrol. Enrolling employees is straight forward in Altamira Learning and it is up to the administrators to establish the enrolment policy.


Altamira Learning promotes an interactive self-service approach to training whilst ensuring HR retains overall control and monitoring of the process Through their account employees can browse courses and request to be enrolled. Managers and HR staff are notified of enrolment requests and can accept or reject them easily.

Develops the skills of your staff

Our Learning Management Software allows you to associate each training course with a list of skills to be awarded to those who will successfully attend it. In this way, you will be able to develop the capabilities of your human resources through training and to fill any gap in the company.

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