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Why choose Altamira Employees

“Altamira Employees allowed us to centralize human resources data reducing paperwork and errors. With just a few clicks and in real time we have all the information we need.”

Simone Di Rienzo Simone Di Rienzo, HR Project Manager at Italfondiario


No more spreadsheets!

Managing your employees data using spreadsheets and text files is tiresome, time consuming and error prone. Altamira Employees helps you to centralize, access and organize your data efficiently in a pleasant and easy to use interface.

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Analyse and report the data
of your employees

Analysing your employees data starting from a set of spreadsheets makes it difficult, time consuming and error prone. Altamira’s HR software comes with a rich library of pre-built reports and allows you to build any additional report you may wish.

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Own your data

When you use an online software as a service provider you need to be certain that you can download your data at any time. With Altamira’s HRM solutions you can download your data at any moment using several industry standard formats.

Secure your data the way you want

Onsite HRM software makes critical data available to internal IT staff. Altamira Employees is securely housed in one of the world leading data centre ensuring that data access rules are always enforced.

Know your workforces strengths

Do you know if your workforce lacks competencies they need? Altamira Employees lets you view the strengths and weaknesses of your employees allowing you to take action quickly.

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Access employee documents easily

Stop searching through piles of documents! With Altamira Employees you can upload any employee document and make it immediately accessible to the employee, their manager and the HR Department.

Build org charts automatically

Maintaining organizational charts manually is time consuming and error prone. Altamira Employees dynamically generates the organizational charts you need.

Be notified for important deadlines

HR Department must continuously track a large number of deadlines and processes. Altamira Employees will send you email notifications reminding you of critical deadlines. It will also advice employees in the next step they need to take in the process they are involved in.

Integrate hard and soft data management

Information available in payroll is difficult to integrate in with employee soft data. Easy integration of Altamira Employees with payroll allow you to mix and analyse data the way you want.

Share information

Free the HR Department from continuous requests for information. Altamira Employees enables managers and employees to access the data they need in a secure self-service environment.


Altamira Employees
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Starting monthly cost




Starting monthly cost

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