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GDPR and Recruiting: 5 reasons to leave antiquated tools behind


After the entry into force of the GDPR on May 25, 2018, Human Resources departments all across Europe have yet another reason to look into the latest technologies for the management of Human Resources.

The new regulations on data processing have made it inescapably clear that the use of outdated tools such as e-mails and Excel spreadsheets for HR processes is not only inefficient, but also fails to respect the privacy rights of employees and job applicants—problems which in many ways also affect on-premise software solutions.

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ISO 9001 and HR software: a winning combination for your business

HR ISO 9001

The fundamental tool to use for companies that decide to take advantage of this certification in order to secure fast and successful growth is the implementation of Quality Management Systems according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

However, the provisions of this standard are not just a series of extra requirements to be added to a list; nor are they a formality in order to be able to participate in certain public tenders, or a mere branding tool.

Interpreted correctly, a Quality Management System can be an extraordinary tool for aligning, simplifying and streamlining the company’s processes and rendering them more effective, and for managing the different parts of the company’s structure in a consistent manner, with a view to continuous improvement and with a strong orientation towards the needs of the stakeholders, thus favoring a powerful acceleration in terms of organizational development.

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14 Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Increase Your Employee Retention

retention dei dipendenti

Your company has a very high turnover rate and this is causing problems for your business?

A high rate of staff turnover is a bit like having a fever. It’s not a disease in itself, but a symptom of one, a clue that something in the “body” of the company is not working properly.

Most often, the ultimate cause behind a high turnover rate is an error in your strategy for the selection and retention of your staff.

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The dominant HR trends for 2019: an analysis of 11 articles

trend HR 2019

For the Human Resources professional, there are many unmistakable signs that Christmas is coming: Christmas carols are playing in all supermarkets, lights go up in the city centers and, most tellingly, dozens of articles pop up about the HR trends for the coming year.

To make some sense out of this jumble of competing voices, we have decided to analyze the information published in the most influential outlets and offer you a comprehensive summary.

Below you will find the most prominent HR trends for 2019, according to the predictions made in the 11 articles we have analyzed, presented in order of popularity. Next to the each trend, we have noted in brackets the number of individual articles that mention it.

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6 Features to Look for in Your New Attendance Monitoring Software

software rilevazione presenze

When a company grows to more than 15 employees, it is almost inevitable that it will decide to start using an attendance management software, in order to simplify actions that would require too much in terms of resources if done with nothing more than the traditional attendance records.

So, no more Excel sheets. Instead, you need a digital system tied to the use of virtual badges and virtual clock-in and clock-out by employees.

For those who will be using such solutions for the first time, finding the right software for their needs might be a more complex task than they expected. The sheer variety of options available can be perplexing.

If this is your case, we recommend focusing on certain features that we believe to be fundamental for a modern attendance management software nowadays.

We have identified 6 features of crucial importance.

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