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January 25, 2024

2023 in Review: Key Innovations on Altamira HRM

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2023 marked a pivotal year in the evolution of Altamira’s products.

Our development team focused their efforts on three significant projects, one of which – Altamira Expense – was successfully completed within the year.

Yet, that wasn’t the only enhancement we delivered to our clients this past year.

We launched updates every two weeks throughout 2023, bringing forth many new features and additional value for Altamira solution users.

Here’s a rundown of our key innovations:

Altamira Expense

The highlight of 2023 was the launch of the Altamira Expense module dedicated to managing employee reimbursements.

This indispensable software has made our suite of HRM products even more comprehensive, enabling companies to handle all aspects of personnel administration with Altamira HRM.

Altamira Expense is an efficient and streamlined module that leverages the platform’s extensive capabilities, including our highly automated and customizable workflows, to simplify and expedite a process that might otherwise be a major time sink for both employees and administration.

The new solution is also accessible via smartphones.

Thanks to the native app for Android and iOS, employees can submit their expenses in just a few clicks, attaching a photo of the receipts.

The application supports multiple currencies and includes a dedicated report library.

Altamira Expense news

Mobile App

Last year, we witnessed ongoing development and enhancement to our mobile application.

A critical update was the rollout of the already mentioned expense management module. However, our enhancements didn’t stop there; we’ve implemented a series of optimizations to further enrich the user experience, including:

  • Expanding language support to include 5 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French), aligning seamlessly with our web application.
  • The ability to display complex pages with detailed subsections.
  • Performance improvements under low connectivity conditions.
  • The option to update account passwords directly within the mobile app.

Altamira Learning

Of all the products within the Altamira HRM suite, our Learning Management System (LMS) experienced the most significant updates in 2023. Notably, we introduced for our clients:

  • The ability to design employee training plans, thus creating structured educational pathways.
  • Customizable questionnaires to assess training effectiveness that can be sent to participants after course completion to collect insightful feedback.
  • A training credits management system for users who successfully completed the courses.
  • The capability to upload large training videos directly on Altamira.
  • Automatic distribution of lesson calendar invites to all participants.

Altamira Learning news

Altamira Leave Management

The complexity of attendance tracking requires ongoing innovation to comply with the diverse regulations implemented by each company. In response, in 2023 we’ve further developed our solutions with the following updates:

  • The introduction of customizable rules for calculating daily, weekly, and monthly attendance.
  • New data exchange formats compatible with a range of payroll systems.
  • The implementation of new counters for leave and vacation management.
  • Improved platform functionality to accurately forecast an employee’s available leave and vacation balance at year-end.

Additional Innovations

Further enhancements to our solutions included:

  • The option to enable bulk goal-setting for employees alongside the ability to establish a library of preset objectives (Altamira Performance).
  • The introduction of a new field for tenure calculation based on conventional seniority metrics (Altamira Employees).
  • The launch of Premium Career Sites to bolster our clients’ employer branding efforts.
  • A significant enhancement to our APIs (Altamira HRM)

What’s in Store for Early 2024

2024 is shaping up to be an exceptionally innovative year for Altamira’s HR management solutions users.

We’re in the final stages of launching two major projects that have been in the development pipeline throughout 2023.

The first project involves the integration of artificial intelligence tools into our Altamira Recruiting module. This enhancement is designed to assist recruiters and elevate the overall candidate experience.

The second project, currently undergoing internal beta testing, started in 2022 and is set to revolutionize the platform’s configuration experience. The goal is to streamline and enhance the self-customization of our tools, ensuring a more user-friendly experience for our clients.

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